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October 27, 2005

Green Ronin Retailer Support Webpage

We have just launched a Retailer Support webpage. This is a one-stop resource for our retail partners, with all the pertinent info in one place. Here retailers can download our latest sell sheets, our product list (which includes an OOP list), and our distributor list. You can also find handy articles like "Stocking Green Ronin," which breaks down our various product lines and gives advice on how to buy for each one. Our support page will be updated every few weeks, so check back for new sell sheets and other information on Green Ronin Products.

Green Ronin Retailer Support Webpage

October 18, 2005

True20 Adventure Roleplaying Errata

True20 Adventure RoleplayingWe have updated our Errata page with a link to a PDF detailing changes to True20 Adventure Roleplaying. If you bought this product on RPGNow.com, you should have received a notice that an update was available for free. (All the changes are present in the version now available on RPGNow.com.) If you haven't yet picked up True20 Adventure Roleplaying, there's no better time!

True20 Adventure Roleplaying on RPGNow.com

True20 Adventure Roleplaying Errata

October 7, 2005

Ask Dr. Evil

Today in Ask Dr. Evil, The Villainous One shows us how to transport your characters from The Black Company Campaign Setting to Thieves' World. To celebrate, we've placed both books on sale!

[url=/mm5/merchant.mvc]Dr. Evil Sale[/url]

[url=/ask_dr_evil.php]Ask Dr. Evil[/url]

October 4, 2005

The Book of Fiends Available Now on RPGNow.com

The Book of FiendsThe Book of Fiends is now available for purchase in PDF format from RPGNow.com, for $17.00.

The Book of Fiends on RPGNow.com