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April 27, 2006

Mastermind's Manual Preorders

Mastermind's ManualWe have opened up pre-ordering for the Mastermind's Manual hardback! These pre-orders will ship to arrive as soon as possible to the book's “street date.”

Pre-Order Mastermind's Manual

April 23, 2006

Thieves' World Gazetteer Web Enhancement

Thieves' World GazetteerWe have posted a Web Enhancement for Thieves' World Gazetteer. This PDF features 10 avatars which didn't make it into the book.

Thieves' World Gazetteer Web Enhancement

April 21, 2006

True20 Cybernetics PDF Available Now

True20 CyberneticsWe have just posted a new PDF product for the True20 System, True20 Cybernetics. Available now in our Green Ronin Online Store, and produced by our partner publishers at Ronin Arts, True20 Cybernetics details over 30 cybernetic enhancements and shows you how to quickly include cybernetics in your planned, or already running, True20 campaign.

True20 Cybernetics

April 18, 2006

True20.com: Free True20 Quick Start Rules and Adventure

We have created a new Downloads page on True20.com, and it now features two exciting new free downloads: the True20 Quick Start Rules and Death in Freeport True20, which together make up one great way to try out the True20 Adventure Roleplaying rules. For free!

You can visit our True20 Downloads page to get started,
or read the Press Release.

April 14, 2006

MutantsAndMasterminds.com: Super-Vision Features Interview With Golden Age Author

Golden AgeOn MutantsAndMasterminds.com, Steve Kenson has posted an interview with Christopher McGlothlin, author of Green Ronin's upcoming Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition sourcebook, Golden Age. Read the interview to discover more about Mr. McGlothlin and about the process of creating Golden Age.

Golden Age Design Journal: Author Spotlight on... Christopher McGlothlin

April 13, 2006

PDF Update: Mastermind's Manual

Mastermind's ManualWe have uploaded a new version of the Mastermind's Manual PDF, complete with the fixes that will appear in the print version, which is currently at press.

If you bought Mastermind's Manual on RPGNow.com:
You should receive instructions soon on how to access the updated file.

If you bought Mastermind's Manual in our Green Ronin Online Store:
To access your updated PDF, please refer to the email message you originally received with the link and login information. Just click the link, log in, and the file you download will be the updated one. If you deleted that message (tsk, tsk!) please send an inquiry to pdfsupport [at] greenronin [dot] com with your order number and name, and make sure to write from the same email address you used in our Green Ronin Online Store when you purchased Mastermind's Manual.

Thanks for your support!

And in case you haven't yet picked up the Mastermind's Manual PDF, new purchases will of course also deliver the updated file.

April 12, 2006

True20 Adventure Roleplaying: In Stores Now!

True20 Adventure RoleplayingTrue20 Adventure Roleplaying, shiny, sturdy, and beautiful in all its hardbacked glory, is now available in stores. This means that preorders are on their way, and the book is live in our warehouse, waiting for your order.

True20 Adventure Roleplaying

New M&M Product Pages

We have posted product pages to our catalog for several of our upcoming Mutants & Masterminds products. New products featured are M&M GM Screen (now at press), Golden Age (in layout--look for previews here very soon), Ultimate Power (written by Steve Kenson), and Agents of Freedom (by Scott Bennie).

Mutants & Masterminds Product Pages

April 10, 2006

Damnation Decade PDF Available Now

Damnation DecadeDamnation Decade, our Mythic Vistas campaign setting of 1970s end-of-the-world funkadelic grooviness for the d20 Modern and True20 Adventure Roleplaying systems, is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store. The world will end on December 31, 1979—unless a fearless and funky band of heroes can battle the secret masters of the planet into submission! The world needs your help today!

Damnation Decade

Damnation Decade Developer's Journal #4

Damnation DecadeThis is the final entry in Rob Toth's Damnation Decade Developer's Journal series. Get the final word from The Man on this grooviest of game settings, just in time to get in the game.

We've Only Just Begun

Villainous Archetypes 2 PDF Now Available

Villainous Archetypes 2The latest Ronin Arts-produced PDF product for Mutants & Masterminds, Villainous Archetypes 2, is available now in our Green Ronin Online Store. As in Villainous Archetypes 1, this terrific collection of ten villains each feature full-color art, complete stats, suggested variations, and three appropriate capers.

Villainous Archetypes 2

April 5, 2006

Advanced Race Codex: Gnomes PDF Now Available

Advanced Race Codex: GnomesGnomes, the third PDF installment of our Advanced Race Codex, is now available for purchase and download from our Green Ronin Online Store, for the low, low price of $6.50. Get yours today!

Advanced Race Codex: Gnomes PDF

April 4, 2006

Pen & Paper Fan Awards

Voting is open in the Pen & Paper Fan Awards on pen-paper.net. And when they say open, they really mean it--there are no nominees in these awards, just slots for you to type in what or whom you want to win. If you'd like to vote on your favorites in several RPG categories from 2005, now's your chance!

Vote in the 2005 Pen & Paper Fan Awards