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September 27, 2006

Ultimate Power Available Now

You may now purchase the Ultimate Power hardback in our Green Ronin Online Store, as well as in fine book and hobby stores everywhere. Ultimate Power is the sourcebook for super-powers in the Mutants & Masterminds RPG: from Absorption to Weather Control, from Prehensile Hair to Matter-Eater, this one has it all. Get yours today!

Buy Ultimate Power

September 26, 2006

Freedom City Map

We have posted the Freedom City Map for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store. This product debuted at Gen Con 2006, and is available exclusively in our online store. Designed by Phillip Lienau, this beautiful map of Freedom City covers the city and its environs in exquisite detail, including neighborhoods, individual streets, important places of interest, and more! Suitable for framing or just for use as a game-aid and reference, this 11" x 17", full-color map is printed on sturdy light cover-stock, and is a great gift or resource for any Freedom City gamemaster or fan!

Freedom City Map

September 21, 2006

Coming Soon: True20 Pocket Player's Guide

True20 Pocket Player's GuideWe have added a new upcoming True20 book to our product catalog, True20 Pocket Player's Guide. This handy and affordable book contains all the rules you need to play the game, from character creation and combat to special abilities, supernatural powers, and equipment. True20 Pocket Player's Guide, a 160-page, 6"x9" softback, will be available this fall, and will retail for $14.95.

True20 Pocket Player's Guide

September 13, 2006

Designer Robert J. Toth has launched a website in support of his Damnation Decade campaign setting. If you head over there now, you can download the free adventure In the Halls of the Disco King. This is the scenario that Rob ran at GenCon in August. Check out today!

September 1, 2006

Street-Level Archetypes 2

We have posted Street-Level Archetypes 2, produced by Ronin Arts, for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store. The latest in our Archetypes series for Mutants & Masterminds, this PDF product presents ten new street-level (PL 6) heroes.

Street-Level Archetypes 2