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December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays from Green Ronin!

Happy Holidays from Green Ronin!

All of us here at Green Ronin Publishing wish you all a Happy, Safe, and Fun Holiday Season! We'll be closed from Friday, December 22, through New Year's. See you next year!

(Mini Ronin on a Dragon image by Ramsey Hong.)

December 20, 2006

Advanced Race Codex: Half-Elves Now Available, and On Sale!

Advanced Race Codex: Half-ElvesAdvanced Race Codex: Half-Elves is now available in PDF format from our Green Ronin Online Store, and we decided to add it to our Holiday Sale! As long as we keep the sale going, you can get this PDF for just $4.50 (normally $6.50). There's never been a better time to play a half-elf!

Advanced Race Codex: Half-Elves

Deck of Many Things Now Available

Deck of Many ThingsWe are pleased to announce that the Deck of Many Things has arrived at our mail order warehouse, and is now available for ordering from our Green Ronin Online Store. Bring the most famous artifact of them all to life for your players, with the Deck of Many Things.

Deck of Many Things in our Green Ronin Online Store

December 19, 2006

Power Up!

As of this evening, our Seattle offices are basking in light and heat. Our mail order operation was restored a couple days ago, and everything is now back to business as usual.

December 15, 2006

GR Seattle Offices in the Dark

Thanks to the big Pacific Northwest windstorm last night, our Seattle offices are without power. Our Web sites are all hosted elsewhere, and are unaffected by the outages. The word is that it might be a couple days before power is restored. More updates as we are able to provide them...

December 12, 2006

Agents of Freedom PDF Now Available

Agents of FreedomAgents of Freedom is now available from our Green Ronin Online Store in PDF format.

There are times when superheroes like the Freedom League just aren't around: that's where you come in. You're the first line of defense when a super-villain rampages through midtown or a clone army attacks the city. You hold the line and keep the city, the nation, and the world safe, and you do it without super-powers or some fancy costume.

Agents of Freedom in our Green Ronin Online Store

December 11, 2006

True20 Pocket Player's Guide Now Available

True20 Pocket Player's GuideWe have posted the True20 Pocket Player's Guide to our Green Ronin Online Store. This handy and affordable book contains all the rules you need to play the game, from character creation and combat to special abilities, supernatural powers, and equipment. The perfect gift for your fellow True20 fans, or treat yourself!

True20 Pocket Player's Guide

Time of Vengeance Now Shipping

Time of VengeanceWe are pleased to announce that the brand-new Mutants & Masterminds adventure, Time of Vengeance, is now available in print from our Green Ronin Online Store as well as fine game and book sellers near you.

Time of Vengeance in our Green Ronin Online Store

December 7, 2006

Green Ronin Holiday Sale

We've discounted select items in our Green Ronin Online Store, to spread a little holiday cheer. For a limited time only, you'll find the following products on sale:

Happy Holidays from Green Ronin!

December 6, 2006

Deck of Many Things Card Art Preview

Deck of Many ThingsWe have added previews of several of Eliane Bettocchi's gorgeous color images to the Deck of Many Things page in our catalog. Check it out and glimpse what the Fates have in store for you...

Deck of Many Things Card Art Preview

December 5, 2006

Gaming Report Interview With Chris Pramas has posted an interview with our own illustrious leader, Chris Pramas, in which he reveals what's happening in Freeport, what Bleeding Edge Adventures are all about, the scoop on the Thieves' World Gift Set (and future Thieves' World possibilities), what major artifact 12-year-old Chris Pramas would have most liked to possess, and what's so cool about the Mutants & Masterminds and True20 Pocket Player's Guides.

Gaming Report Interview With Chris Pramas

The Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many ThingsAh, the Deck of Many Things. Never has one magic item been responsible for such celebration on the one hand and such wailing and gnashing of teeth on the other. It might be the greatest thing that ever happens to your character or the thing that kills him when even ancient red dragons could not. Either way, daring to take on the deck is always fun. It's like looking Fate straight in the eye and saying, "Bring it on."

In all the years that the Deck of Many Things has delighted and tormented players, though, it has remained an in-game item. Sure, you could use poker or tarot cards and to get the job done, but a real and proper Deck of Many Things hasn't been available for RPG fans ... until now.

Just in time for Christmas, Green Ronin Publishing is releasing the Deck of Many Things, a set of 24 tarot-sized cards beautifully illustrated by Brazilian artist Eliane Bettochi, whose work graced the Blue Rose roleplaying game. The deck itself is the standard 22 cards, and then there are 2 text cards that introduce the famous artifact. Each Deck of Many Things comes in a tuck box and retails for only $9.95.

The cards themselves contain no rules text, for two important reasons. First, this makes the Deck of Many Things edition proof. It can be used and enjoyed by fans of any edition of the game. Second, this allows us to adapt the deck concept to other RPGs. For example, rules for the Deck of Many Things will be featured in an upcoming sourcebook for the hit True20 Adventure Roleplaying game.

Green Ronin is no stranger to d20 accessories. Our d20 System Character Record Folio is in its sixth print run and has become the company's top selling product of all time. The Deck of Many Things shares many of the characteristics that make the record folio so popular: it's handy, it looks great, and it's eminently affordable. Game Masters will also find it's a great prop to spring on their players. Now when the party comes across a Deck of Many Things, the GM has but to reach into his bag, pull out the cards, and let the players face their Fate.

Pray for the Moon and beware the dreaded Donjon with Green Ronin's Deck of Many Things!

The Deck of Many Things is due in our warehouse on December 6, and will be shipping to distributors shortly thereafter. It ought to be in stores the week before Christmas. You can view some preview images by visiting the Deck of Many Things page in our catalog.

Deck of Many Things