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Lucky 7 Sale: WFRP Products Added!

We have added seven Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay products to our Lucky 7 Sale. For a limited time only, you can help us celebrate our 7th anniversary and get the following WFRP titles at a lucky discount:

Character Pack for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: $7.00!
Plundered Vaults: 6 Adventures for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: $17.00
Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim: $17.00
Karak Azgal: Adventures in the Dragon's Crag: $17.00
Children of the Horned Rat: $17.00
Terror in Talabheim: $17.00

Tome of Corruption: $27.00

Shop our Green Ronin Lucky 7 Sale


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