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Freedom City Atlas 2: The Scarab's Lair

Freedom City Atlas 2: The Scarab's LairScarab's Lair, the second installment of the Freedom City Atlas, is now available for purchase and download from our Green Ronin Online Store.

The Scarab's Lair is a kind of comic book archeology, looking at the abandoned secret lair of the Scarab, hidden beneath Pyramid Plaza (detailed in Freedom City Atlas 1). Unlock the secrets of the Scarab, eternally reincarnating Egyptian psychic! With pages of floor plans and cutaway diagrams, you can use The Scarab's Lair for a new incarnation of the Freedom City hero, a base for new heroes (or villains!) or a place for your heroes to explore, looking for clues left behind by one of their heroic predecessors. Enter The Scarab's Lair, if you dare!

Get Freedom City Atlas 2: The Scarab's Lair Today!


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