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Green Ronin Publishing Podcast Episode 7: Erik Mona on Open Gaming

In Episode 7 of the Green Ronin Publishing Podcast, our host and company president Chris Pramas chats with Green Ronin's General Manager, Nicole Lindroos, and return special guest Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing. Follow along as they discuss the Open Gaming License, the d20 Trademark License, the Game System License, Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, Pathfinder, True20, and the past, present, and future of open gaming.

Chris, Nicole, and Erik had a lot to say about those topics, as well as general trends in marketing and acquisition of new players, the changing retail environment, and other business of the roleplaying game industry, so this show clocks in at 92 minutes, 17 seconds, and is an 84.5 MB download.

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Ok, this was fascinating, and I admit the problem of being the little guy and The Man absolutely made me laugh at the truth of it.

The only thing I think needs to be added is that I have started to suspect that WOTC had some marketing success with their strategy of getting people to buy their advertising in the form of the various preview books. I have exactly zero idea what the real numbers are for their sales, but anecdotally they seem to be moving off the shelves with enough speed to suggest that someone's buying it. Arguably, the people buying those products may be exactly the D&D fans who are not visible to the Internet.

-Rob D.

buzz :

FYI, WotC still advertises in comics. Pick up any Dark Horse comic and you'll see WotC ads all over the place.

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