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WFRP Blow-Out Sale

Our warehouse mutants want to clear out some more room for their hideous rituals, so they've demanded we put several Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay product on sale. From now through November 1st, 2008, the following products are on sale through our Green Ronin Online Store, while supplies last:

  • Ashes of Middenheim, $7.50

  • Barony of the Damned, $12.50

  • Lure of the Liche Lord, $15.00

  • Old World Armoury, $15.00

  • Plundered Vaults, $7.50

  • Realm of the Ice Queen, $15.00

  • Realms of Sorcery, $30

  • Renegade Crowns, $15.00

  • Sigmar's Heirs, $15.00

  • Terror in Talabehim, $12.50

  • Tome of Corruption, $25

Shop our WFRP Blow-Out Sale today!


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