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More RPGs on Sale

As many of you have already noticed (thanks!) we've added a bunch more books to our Green Ronin RPG Stimulus Package sale. Here's the list of new sale products still available as of this post. Once something sells out, it's gone!

Legions of Hell, $2
Hell in Freeport, $2
Arcana: Societies of Magic, $2
Armies of the Abyss, $2
Skull & Bones, $5
Testament, $5
Black Sails Over Freeport, $10
Creatures of Freeport, $10
Wrath & Rage, $2
Monsters of the Mind, $5
Red Star, $20
Hamunaptra, $10
Sidewinder, $5
Eternal Rome, $10
Damnation Decade, $5
Future Player's Companion, $10
Thieves' World Player's Manual, $5
Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, $2
Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary, $5
Black Snake Dawn, $5
Thieves' World Gazetteer, $5
Thieves' World Gift Set, $25
Freeport Trilogy: 5 Year, $5
M&M First Edition, $5
Time of Crisis, $5
M&M Annual #1, $5
M&M First Edition GM Screen, $5
Noir, $5
Bleeding Edge #3, $5
Bleeding Edge #4, $5
Bleeding Edge #6, $2
Bleeding Edge Special, $2
WFRP: Barony of the Damned, $15

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