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New Products in the Green Ronin Online Store

Our website elves have been working hard to give you more things to buy in our Green Ronin Online Store. Here's what's new there:

Freedom City Atlas 3: Freedom City Transit AuthorityFreedom City Atlas 3: Freedom City Transit Authority is the latest PDF installment of this project detailing the various areas of the city of heroes. Whether your hero needs to catch a runaway train, or just needs to catch a ride to headquarters, Freedom City Transit Authority is there for you.

Freeport Poster MapIn other cartographic news, we've got a special treat for you Freeport fans. Andy Laws did a beautiful job creating the map of the city of adventure for Pirate's Guide to Freeport, and now you can get your very own color poster of his handiwork, only in the Green Ronin Online Store. It is only $8, or a mere $4 if you purchase Cults of Freeport, Buccaneers of Freeport, or the True20 Freeport Companion. Order your Freeport Poster Map today!

We've also been busy adding more 3rd Era PDF products to the Green Ronin Online Store, namely:


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