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August 30, 2009

Mutants & Masterminds Product Bonanza

Today we have not one, not just two, but three new Mutants & Masterminds products available for you.

Mecha & MangaWe had a limited number of Mecha & Manga available at Gen Con, but now it's on store shelves, which means it's available from our Green Ronin Online Store.

Pocket Ultimate PowerPocket Ultimate Power brings back into print one of our most popular Mutants & Masterminds books. It's also available now in stores, and on this site.

M&M Caper #2: In a Strange LandWe have also released the second PDF in our M&M Capers series, In a Strange Land: "Air Force One has disappeared over South America and it's up to your heroes to save the day! But through the terror and tribulations that await the players in the Lost World, they will discover greater dangers than they can imagine and will play for the ultimate stakes before their trials end..."

Dragon Age RPG Update

Dragon Age RPGWe have updated the Dragon Age RPG site with more information about the game and a preview of the cover art.

The first boxed set for the game will be out this fall; the rulebooks are currently in development and editing. We'll be posting designer journals and previews as we get closer to the game's release.

More about the Dragon Age RPG

August 27, 2009

We Call Him Captain Podcast*

It turns out we posted too soon. Steve Kenson is also featured in Episode 4 of the Open Design Podcast, hosted by Wolfgang Baur, Ed Healy and Rone Barton. This star-studded show also features Skip Williams, Stefen Styrsky, Monte Cook, and Ed Greenwood, and is a fine listen.

Open Design 004: Dwarves of the Ironcrags

* (Not actually the case.)

Steve Kenson on Fist Full of Comics & Games Podcast

Benton and Darin of the Fist Full of Comics & Games sites sat down with our own Steve Kenson at Gen Con to talk about Mutants & Masterminds, A Song of Ice and Fire, True20, Freeport, Dragon Age, and more, and now you can listen in:

Dialogues Vol 4 #02 - Steve Kenson of Green Ronin at Gen Con '09

August 24, 2009

Hobby Games: The 100 Best -- A Visual Companion

Matt Tarbit @tweeted us to let us know he has created a visual companion to Hobby Games: The 100 Best. This cool page includes cover images and product info links for 99 of the 100 games in HG100. Thanks, Matt!

Hobby Games: The 100 Best -- A Visual Companion

August 20, 2009

Two New Adventure Books: Peril at King's Landing and The Lost Island

Peril at King's LandingWe're all back from Gen Con, and two of the new books we had for sale there are now available on store shelves and in our Green Ronin Online Store.

Peril at King's Landing is a full, 96-page adventure for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, designed to play on its own or as part of a campaign, and in fact picks up where Wedding Knight, the adventure in the SIFRP Narrator's Kit, leaves off.

True20 Freeport: The Lost IslandTrue20 Freeport: The Lost Island takes the heroes from the streets of Freeport on a dangerous voyage through uncharted waters to a mysterious island. What's there and who wants it? Who is a friend and who is an enemy? Find out in The Lost Island! This book joins two of our popular product lines, True20 and Freeport, in 64 pages of swashbuckling adventure.

August 15, 2009

Gen Con Day Three: A Song of Medals and Demos

A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying did well last night at the ENnie Awards, picking up Silver for Best Rules and Gold for Best Free Product for the Quickstart. Congratulations to Rob Schwalb and Steve Kenson, and everyone else involved in those products, as well as to all of our colleagues and friends who picked up ENnies.

Today and tomorrow we're running SIFRP demos in our booth, every hour on the hour. And it looks a little bit like this:


August 14, 2009

Live from Gen Con...

...It's Friday afternoon!

Things are going well for us this weekend in Indy: Sales are good, we have lots of people asking about Dragon Age, we're demoing A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying and Walk the Plank in the booth, and the ENnie Awards are tonight.


In podcast news, Mecha & Manga clocks in at #1 on the RPG Countdown top ten list of hottest selling products on RPGNow this week.

More news later, live from Gen Con.

August 12, 2009

Gen Con

We're all in Indianapolis at Gen Con through the weekend, so while mail orders will still go out from our main warehouse, customer service response times might show a slight delay.

We've confirmed that Mecha & Manga, Pocket Ultimate Power, Peril at King's Island, and True20 Freeport: The Lost Island are all here, along with our other in-print titles such as Warrior's & Warriors and the rest. If you're at the the show, please do stop by to see us at booth #627.

Thanks for your support!

August 4, 2009

Gen Con Product Releases

We've been hard at work on our many RPG lines this summer, and that all comes to fruition next week at Gen Con in Indianapolis. We will be debuting four new titles at the show: Peril at King's Landing for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, True20 Freeport: The Lost Island, and Mecha & Manga and Pocket Ultimate Power for Mutants & Masterminds. We'll also have recent releases like Warriors & Warlocks and the Song of Ice and Fire Narrator's Kit, as well as many classic titles from our catalog. If you can't make Gen Con, never fear. Peril at King's Landing and True20 Freeport: The Lost Island will be in stores the week of August 17th, followed by Mecha & Manga and Pocket Ultimate Power shortly thereafter. Hope you're ready for some gaming goodness!