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June 16, 2010

Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Errata and Clarifications

We have posted Errata and Clarifications for Dragon Age RPG Set 1. Many of the errors noted in the document were fixed in the second printing, but the first run sold out so quickly that others were not found until after the reprint was underway. We've noted where fixes appear in the second printing. The document doesn't mention small errors like the occasional missing "a" or "the," though these too were fixed in the reprint where they were discovered.

Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Errata and Clarifications

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #4

Visit the DC ADVENTURES page on MutantsAndMasterminds.com today to read Design Journal #4 by Steve Kenson. This week he gives us the complete character sheet for the Green Lantern!

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #4: Green Lantern

June 9, 2010

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #3

Steve Kenson has posted #3 in his series of DC ADVENTURES design journals. In today's issue, Steve reveals which heroes and villains made the grade for inclusion in the DC ADVENTURES Hero's Handbook.

DC ADVENTURES Design Journal #3