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Emerald City Knights Chapter 3: Power Play (PDF)

Emerald City Knights Chapter 3: Power Play (PDF)This chapter picks up right where Chapter 2 left off, but can also be played as a stand-alone adventure. This PDF is available for just $3.99, and uses the Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition rules.

Emerald City Knights Chapter 3: Power Play (PDF)

In other Emerald City Knights news, we've posted a free PDF containing an overview of all the chapters, current and upcoming, in this M&M3 adventure series.

Spoiler Warning: Players, the Emerald City Knights Overview is for Gamemasters only, so if you plan on playing any of these adventures, please leave these secrets undownloaded. You and your fellow players will enjoy playing the game more if the secrets remain secret.

Emerald City Knights Overview (Free PDF!)


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