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Green Ronin News Archive for January 2001

January 1, 2001

New Millenium Madness Hits Freeport!

Green Ronin Publishing is proud to announce that the third part of the Freeport Trilogy wll be heading you way in February! The mayhem of Terror in Freeport concludes with this exciting 48-page adventure. Return to the city that started it all with Madness in Freeport.

The unveiling of Milton's Folly draws near, and the PCs must uncover its sinister secrets before time runs out! This time they face more than back alley toughs and mindless undead. Sealord Drac himself has his eyes on the heroes--and they may not survive his malefic attentions!

Madness in Freeport is the action packed climax to the first d20 campaign series. For characters level 4-6.

But 2001 has lot more in store than just Madness in Freeport. We'll be telling you more as time goes by, but for details on all the cool things to come (up through August, at least) check out our Production Schedule.

Talk To Us, Baby!

After a whole lot of tinkering, Green Ronin's webmaster has finally slapped together a discussion board. Have a question about an upcoming product? Suggestions? Comments? Virulent insults? Please step right this way and let us know what is on your mind. (Or you can use the Forum link in the sideframe. Your choice.)

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