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Green Ronin News Archive for February 2001

February 26, 2001

Happy Swagfest!

As spring starts to peek its head over the horizon, the delayed February edition of Focus on Freeport is finally here! Celebrate Freeport's favorite holiday, Swagfest, in Holiday in the Sun, a d20 adventure for character levels 2-4. This adventure previously appeared in Game Trade magazine.

The March edition of Focus on Freeport will be up sooner than you can sack a galleon, and keep an eye on the website for other Freeport-oriented goodies in the coming weeks.

Madness Is On The Way!

Madness in Freeport is at the printers! That means that the third part of the Freeport Trilogy should be winging its way to game store shelves in a few short weeks. Watch for it!

February 14, 2001

See You At DundraCon

Those of you out on the Left Coast might be interested to know that Green Ronin Publishing will be at Dundracon this weekend in lovely San Ramon, CA. Stop by and say hey if you're at the con!

February 12, 2001

Get Some RPGAction!

The good people over at RPGAction.com seem to have taken a liking to all of us here at Green Ronin Publishing. Check out their new Gaming Underground section for an interview with our own Chris Pramas, reviews of some Green Ronin books, and even some homegrown source material for Freeport. Thanks, guys!

February 1, 2001

Freeport Back in Focus!

Here at last is the belated January edition of Focus on Freeport. This month we've got a sneak peak of some of the material in Madness of Freeport. William Simoni gives us some background on the Captain's Council of Freeport. Ruling a city of pirates and fast-talking merchants is a dirty job, but somebody's got to profit from it.

Check back in a few weeks for the February edition of Focus on Freeport. We'll be unveiling Holiday in the Sun, the first freebie Freeport adventure by Chris Pramas.

Legions of Hell Cover!

We thought you all might like to take a look at the cover to Green Ronin's upcoming sourcebook, Legions of Hell. The book's cover is graced by yet another masterpiece from the brush of Brom! For more information on this and other upcoming Green Ronin Publishing releases, check out our Production Schedule.

Website Reorg

We've reorganized the Green Ronin web site a bit, and it'll be an ongoing process.

If you have any suggestions, please drop the webmaster a line

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