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Green Ronin News Archive for April 2001

April 30, 2001

New Product Announced!

Green Ronin Publishing is proud to announce a new addition to our 2001 product schedule, the d20 Character Record Folio! You need more than a flimsy piece of paper for your character, and that's where the d20 System Character Record Folio comes in. Say goodbye to cramming your notes and magic items onto a single sheet--the folio is designed to handle your character for the entire campaign. Its 16 beautifully designed pages include great add-ons like mini-record sheets for your paladin's warhorse, familiar, and cohorts, and adventure logs that let you track important events and NPCs. The d20 System Character Record Folio is good for any character in any d20 game.

The d20 System Character Record Folio releases at GenCon 2001.

Focus on Freeport Returns!

March's Focus in Freeport was devoured by the Unspeakable One, but April's survived, sliding in just under the wire. Focus on Freeport Number Six covers the Temple of the God of Knowledge, a location that features prominently in The Freeport Trilogy. Check it out here.

April 18, 2001

A Busy Spring at Green Ronin

Hey everyone. Things have been a little quiet around the ol' website lately, but that's just because we're all hard at work getting the upcoming projects ready for release!

Legions of Hell is humming right along, and we'll hopefully have some of the awesome art from it up in the Gallery a little later this week.

Hell in Freeport is also in progress, and you can take a first look at its cover just a bit to the right there.

The new Focus on Freeport should be up after this weekend—honest! As always, please feel free to post comments and questions in the Forum.

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