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Green Ronin News Archive for June 2001

June 28, 2001

Chris Pramas Chat at RPGnet tonight!

RPGnet is hosting a series of chats with industry personalities, and Green Ronin Publishing's Chris Pramas is one of them! Check out the details over at RPGnet!.

June 18, 2001

Focus on Freeport for June

We get all caught up today with Focus on Freeport number eight. Gaming Guardians creator and writer Graveyard Greg graces us with a new monster, a new disease, and a new spell, all wrapped up in a little package called "An Unwelcome Guest". Click here to read Focus on Freeport number eight!

Faster-Than-Light, Spaceship Zero Style

Wanna know how a faster-than-light drive works? Of course you do! For a look into some of the fictional technology that makes the world of the Spacehip Zero RPG tick, click here.

Last Chance for the Origins Awards!

Hurry, hurry, hurry! The online voting for the Origins Awards ends on June 20th! Green Ronin Publishing needs the support of all you Freeport fans out there to push Death in Freeport into the winner's circle. Click here to vote online now!.

June 1, 2001

Focus on Freeport for May (Yes, we know it's June)

Focus on Freeport returns for its seventh installment. Bill Simoni, the author of Madness in Freeport, explores the history and powers of the Jade Serpent of Yig, a powerful artifact introduced in Madness in Freeport that many believed was lost forever with the collapse of the Valossan civilization. Click here to read Focus on Freeport number 7!

Pre-Flight Checks Beginning for Spaceship Zero

The Spacehip Zero RPG is getting set for launch in a few short months, so we're finally starting to beef up its section of the website. Check out the SpaceCorp recruitment letter posted in the Spaceship Zero section now, and watch for more updates over the next few weeks, including art from the game and preview material.

The Good Reviews Just Don't Stop

RPG.net has just posted a great review of Madness in Freeport. Click here to check it out!

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