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Green Ronin News Archive for July 2001

July 31, 2001

Yar! Off We Be Ta GenCon, Matey!

We're pretty excited about GenCon 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, running Thursday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 5th. We have two great products to release at the show this year, Hell in Freeport and the d20 System Character Record Folio!

We've perhaps been too busy working on upcoming books to properly hype the Character Record Folio, but it's amazingly cool for any d20 System game. Toss that wrinkled sheet of printer paper with notes scribbled on the back. With the Folio we're talking sixteen beautiful pages, scientifically designed to carry your character through an entire campaign, with places for cohorts, familiars, magic items and other swag, and adventure logs so you can keep track of clues and avoid the clutching claws of the Legions of Hell. You'll find the Green Ronin booth in the Wizard's Attic area. Come on by and see us!

July 30, 2001

RPG.net Chat Transcript Online

If you missed the recent chat on RPG.net featuring our fearless leader Chris Pramas, you can read it here. In it he talks about working in--and the future of--the game industry, and he also hints at future Green Ronin products... (Oh yeah--Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Shane Hensley was also present and chatting.)

July 29, 2001

Green Ronin Brings Home Two ENnies!

The EN World d20 System Awards took place today and Green Ronin brought home two ENnies! Amidst such stiff competition, we are deeply honored to have been chosen as the best d20 products in these categories.

  • Best Adventure (Death in Freeport)

  • Best Cartography (Madness in Freeport--Todd Gamble)

  • We'd also like to extend our sincere congratulations to all the other nominees and winners this year. We were in excellent company in every category, and we’re looking forward to further such competition next year! For more information about how the rest of the awards turned out, visit http://www.d20reviews.com. If you missed the ceremony, you can still read a transcript here

    Pyramid Pick: Legions of Hell

    Legions of Hell was chosen as a Pyramid Pick by Pyramid Magazine in their Friday July 27, 2001 issue. If you’re not a subscriber, you can still read the first few paragraphs of the review at the following link. http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/current.html

    July 26, 2001

    Focus on Freeport Takes A Hellish Turn

    In the AD&D Guide to Hell, Chris Pramas created four new kits for PCs that wanted to dedicate themselves to fighting the machinations of Hell. In this month's Focus on Freeport, Hell in Freeport author Jim Bishop brings these kits into 3E as Prestige Classes.

    Not that we're implying anything.

    July 21, 2001

    Legions of Hell Reviews

    Reviews of Legions of Hell are popping up and we couldn’t be more pleased at the response we’ve received so far. Once again, Monte Cook has given us a favorable review at his site http://www.montecook.com/review.html. RPG.net has two reviews of the book here and here, while EN World continues to compile reviews of all d20 products, Green Ronin’s included. Visit them now if you haven’t already.

    ENnie Nominations for Green Ronin!

    The EN World d20 System Awards are underway and Green Ronin is extremely honored and proud to have received nominations in 11 categories!

  • Best Adventure (Death in Freeport)

  • Best Rulebook or Accessory (Legions of Hell)

  • Best Setting (The City of Freeport)

  • Best Writer (Death in Freeport - Chris Pramas)

  • Best Art (Interior) (Legions of Hell – Brom, Toren Atkinson, Chris Keefe, Raven Mimura, and Sam Wood)

  • Best Art (Cover) (Madness in Freeport - Brom)

  • Best Cartography (Madness in Freeport - Todd Gamble)

  • Best Editor (Death in Freeport - Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes)

  • Best Free Product (February's Focus on Freeport: Holiday in the Sun)

  • Best Official Website (you’re here!)

  • Best Publisher Overall

  • For more information about voting in the awards or attending the online awards ceremony on July 29th, visit http://www.d20reviews.com

    July 18, 2001

    The Kids, They Love The Evil!

    Legions of Hell was a big hit at the 2001 Origins convention in Columbus OH, and as you can see from the picture at right, the kids do in fact love the evil! Note Green Ronin founder Chris Pramas lurking in the background giving the evil thumbs up. Many thanks to Phil Lacefield and his wife for letting their lovely daughter model the evil for us. For some other shots from Origins and the GAMA Trade show back in March, click here.

    Beasts From The East!

    Green Ronin is proud to announce a brand new product for September--Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts! This brand new d20 product includes more than 50 fully-illustrated monsters from the legends of Japan, China, Burma, Vietnam, and Malaysia, brought to life by such renowned artists as rk post, Quinton Hoover, Michael Phillipi, and Tony DiTerlizzi and Green Ronin's favorite C'thulu Punk, Toren "MacBin" Atkinson. Authors include ex-Dragon editor and TSR designer Wolfgang Baur, Dragon Fist designer Chris Pramas, Greyhawk guru Erik Mona, and Forgotten Realms stalwart Steven E. Schend. The book also boasts a special introduction and featured monster by original Oriental Adventures designer David "Zeb" Cook! For more information, click here.

    July 12, 2001

    We Won An Origins Award!

    Green Ronin Publishing's Chris Pramas picked up the nod for Best Adventure from the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design! Death in Freeport took on all comers and came out on top! Many thanks to all the fans and Academy members who voted for us.

    We're Back, and Boy Are We Tired

    Origins 2001 was a blast, and we loved meeting those of you who came by the both to see us. Legions of Hell was a big hit, and we just couldn't be happier. A more complete Origins round up will follow this weekend, as well as some exciting product announcements. After we all get caught up on our sleep, that is!

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