Hamunaptra Adventure Hooks

1: An ancient map shows the location of an Old Kingdom site.

2: One or more characters have a dream about being stalked by a mysterious assassin.

3: Anpur tribes from the desert are raiding local caravans.

4: A bahati temple asks the heroes to find the tomb of an old master, who is actually still alive in a trance.

5: A local tomb is broken into and violated.

6: A merchant is passing around ancient coins. Where did he get them?

7: A mysterious woman is paying for information about the local military.

8: Wizards are agitating to form a guild to control local magic use.

9: A necromancer is raising undead from a local necropolis.

10: A vendor sells miraculous water from an oasis that heals.

11: An eclipse shows the disfavor of the gods.

12: A local prophecy predicts the heroes will slay a monster in the nearby wilderness.

13: An artifact found in the desert has a malign intelligence to it.

14: A Sobekhi tribe is being driven out of their lands by river monsters.

15: A mysterious beam of light can be seen shining skyward out in the desert.

16: A sandstorm uncovers the entrance to some ancient ruins.

17: A caravan laden with goods prepared to leave for a long journey.

18: A group of mercenaries from the Red Land arrives to sell their services.

19: The city is invaded by a rival or neighboring city-state.

20: Two warring factions have parts of a magical item, the heroes have the other.

21: Creatures threaten travel and trade along the river.

22: Sand creatures from the desert are kidnapping and replacing mundane creatures, including people.

23: A brightly patterned rug conceals a magical portal into a wizard's citadel.

24: A noble's favorite concubine takes a liking to a character.

25: Valuable scrolls turn up missing from a local temple.

26: A demon-worshipping cult operates under the guise of a minor temple.

27: A noble offers a prize for anyone willing to challenge a champion gladiator.

28: A skittish herd of winged horses is reported in the desert.

29: A wild man comes out of the desert, preaching visions he has received from the gods.

30: A rival suitor kidnaps a young bride from her wedding.

31: An arrogant charioteer is racing all challengers, but is using magic to cheat.

32: The water of a desert oasis mysteriously turns to dust when anyone tries to drink it.

33: A barbarian enters the city claiming to be the abandoned first-born child of a noble.

34: A sudden plague of scorpions and other crawling vermin troubles the area.

35: An obelisk near an oasis is said to grant prophetic dreams to travelers who sleep near it.

36: An aged wizard seeks explorers to find a lost treasure in the desert.

37: A particular city is arming for war.

38: A famed Ptah-man crafter wishes to give his ultimate masterwork as a gift to the pharaoh.

39: A giant hawk snatches children from the streets and carries them off into the desert.

40: The priests of a temple are all struck blind and seek a cure.

41: The funeral procession of a noble is disrupted when the sarcophagus overturns, revealing it is filled only with stones.

42: A bloody war between two desert tribes threatens to engulf the area.

43: Cultists believe one of the heroes is the predestined enemy of their faith.

44: A wizard summons and loses control of a desert elemental.

45: A gladiator leads a slave revolt.

46: One of the daughters of a powerful merchant is secretly a were-jackal.

47: A statue discovered in an ancient ruin is actually a sorceress petrified in a magical duel.

48: The undead form of an ancient warrior can only be slain with the sword hidden in his tomb.

49: A terrible plague grips an area shortly after a number of strangers arrive.

50: The annual flooding of the Yor threatens to inundate a town.

51: A ship arrives in port with no one on board, its cargo intact.

52: A ghaffir seeks allies to help slay a monstrous evil.

53: A naga magically influences the people of a riverside town.

54: Several prominent people die from mysterious snakebites.

55: A diplomatic envoy traveling along the Yor requires an escort and honor guard.

56: Ancient catacombs beneath a monument or necropolis are home to strange creatures.

57: A golden key washes up on the shore of the river and is sought by a mysterious sorcerer.

58: A scholar seeks a rare desert plant that flowers only once each century.

59: A cult wearing eye medallions worships a beholder that lairs deep underground.

60: A girl claiming to be a runaway slave is actually a cunning spy.

61: A giant crocodile menaces a community, but it cannot be killed because it is sacred to Sobek.

62: An embalmer serves as a front for a community of ghouls.

63: The high priests of two different gods receive apparently contradictory visions.

64: An ancient mask contains the disembodied spirit of a wizard.

65: A great floating pyramid hovers over the desert in the depths of the Red Land.

66: People are plagued by nightmares that slowly drive them mad.

67: A rogue efreet carves out a kingdom of nomads in the desert.

68: Court seers and astrologers foresee a grave threat to the pharaoh.

69: Anpur slavers arrive, selling their recently captured wares.

70: A Sutekrah thief robs from the local nobility as a means of taunting them.

71: Recently unearthed ruins contain a barque able to fly through the air.

72: A community is plagued by a flock of harpies stealing its crops.

73: A mummy relentlessly stalks and kills the descendants of thieves who violated its tomb.

74: A disembodied voice in a cavern dispenses advice and prophecies. It is a genuine oracle?

75: An intelligent magical staff seeks to uncover something out in the desert.

76: The wealth a fortune hunter spends is under a terrible curse, which spreads like a plague.

77: A supposed ancient map is actually a trick to lure the unwary into the clutches of bandits or slavers.

78: A nomarch wishes to clear a border region of monsters for possible settlement.

79: Two children of rival noble houses have run away together.

80: A monster threatening an area is actually someone under a polymorph spell.

81: A wizard seeks the feather of a phoenix or some other rare magical component.

82: An Old Kingdom artifact causes the characters to relive the lives of people from before the Cataclysm.

83: A magical accident causes snow and ice to cover a region, creating chaos.

84: A cataract or waterfall conceals the entrance to a complex of caverns.

85: A mad wizard attempts to create a new humanoid race.

86: The "mummy" found in an ancient tomb turns out to be an ancient construct wrapped in bandages.

87: A doorway in a pyramid or ruin is a gateway to a different place, plane, or even time.

88: A scroll or tablet contains the key to unleashing terrible extraplanar creatures on Khemti.

89: All the children of an area are stricken with an illness, requiring a rare herb found only near one of the upper cataracts of the Yor.

90: A river village is taken over by a waterborne lotus with a mind-influencing pollen.

91: Members of a rival cult threaten a yearly religious ceremony.

92: A pool in an isolated oasis functions like a mirror of opposition.

93: A "desert ruin" turns out to be the fossilized body of a vast purple worm.

94: A wizard claims to be the legendary Khetram, and seems to have the magical power to back it up.

95: An "island" is actually the back of a colossal dragon-turtle or other sea creature.

96: A magical sarcophagus extracts water from humanoid corpses, allowing the owner to sell it.

97: The ruins of an Old Kingdom city are filled with sand creatures that believe they are the original inhabitants.

98: A wealthy family of Amunite cultists offers to pay the party to help them flee the authorities.

99: The rare honey of giant desert bees becomes an addictive treat in Lower Khemti.

100: Temples seek ancient documents illuminating a point of theological dispute between them.

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