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The Dead

Greetings, people of Redoubt! In this week’s Lost Citadel RPG blog post, we’re talking a bit about the most omnipresent facet of life in the world’s last city of the living: the Dead. Ultimately, the Dead are the proverbial barbarians at the gates. The rising tide. The outside. The other. The reason Redoubt is what it […]

The Accord of Last Redoubt

For this week’s Lost Citadel RPG blog post, we take a take a look at the historic treaty and piece of legislation that established the realities of life inside the walls of mankind’s last remaining city. The city wasn’t always called Redoubt. The dwarves who built it and inhabited it alone for centuries called it […]

Welcome to Redoubt!

Greetings, and welcome to the inaugural post for the Lost Citadel RPG blog! We’ll be using this space to tease some of the concepts and art for the Lost Citadel as we roll along towards the launching of our crowdfunding project on Kickstarter (currently slated for late May/early June, but don’t hold us to that […]