Ultramodern Firearms d20

Changes in the Second Printing

The following rules and stats were added or changed in the second printing of Ultramodern Firearms d20.

Nonstandard Magazines

These rules were added to the d20 Modern Rules section of the Introduction.


Some weapons are available with magazines of differing sizes. Using a larger magazine increases the DC of the Sleight of Hand check necessary to conceal the weapon. The DC increases by +1 if the magazine holds 1 to 5 bullets more than the standard magazine, +2 if it holds 6 to 10 rounds more, +3 if it holds 11 to 20 rounds more, and +4 if it holds more than 20 bullets more.

          For weapons with protruding box magazines (generally submachineguns and assault rifles), a smaller than standard magazine can reduce the DC of the Sleight of Hand check necessary to conceal the weapon. The DC decreases by –1 if the magazine holds at least 5 fewer bullets than the standard magazine. This reduction in DC does not apply if the magazine does not normally protrude from the weapon.

Suppressive Fire

This revised version of the feat replaces the feat in the Introduction.


You can lay down a barrage of gunfire, giving you the chance to hit your opponent even when it’s not your turn.

          Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Personal Firearms Proficiency.

          Benefit: When the last thing you do during your turn is attack a target that is at least 30 feet away with a semiautomatic or automatic firearm, you threaten the target’s square until your next action. (If using autofire, you threaten the targeted 10-foot-by-10-foot area). You may make ranged attacks of opportunity into that square.

          If you attack more than one target (or more than on 10-foot-by-10-foot area, if using autofire) during your turn, you only threaten the square (or 10-foot-by-10-foot area) that you last attacked.

          You cannot use autofire to make attacks of opportunity.

          Suppressive fire shoots five bullets (in addition to the bullets fired in your attack and any attack of opportunity), and can only be used if the weapon has five bullets in it.

Steyr AMR

The following material replaces the rules and the damage value given for the Steyr AMR in the Rifles chapter.


          d20 Modern Rules: This weapon comes with a standard scope, but its scope mount cannot be used with other scopes.

          Because its ammunition features a special core designed to penetrate vehicle armor, this weapon ignores up to 5 points of hardness if it strikes a vehicle, building, or object.

          Damage: 2d12–1

Shotgun Choke

These open choke rules replace those given in the Shotguns chapter.


          Open Choke: The weapon grants a +1 circumstance bonus on attacks. However, the weapon’s range increment is halved. Neither the bonus nor the range increment reduction apply when the weapon is used with slug ammunition.

d20 Modern Game Stats: Rifle and Machinegun Ammunition

The stats for this caliber were added to the ammunition table in the Appendix. In addition, the footnote below was added to the table.


Caliber: 15mm Steyr AMR

Ammunition Type: Armor piercing5

Damage: 2d12–1

Purchase DC: 13


5 If your target has armor or natural armor, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls when using this ammunition type. When attacking a vehicle, building, or object, ignore up to 5 points of hardness.

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