AGE a cool system, but DA's aproval process drags it down.

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AGE a cool system, but DA's aproval process drags it down.

Postby Chugosh » Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:10 pm

I really like the AGE engine used in the Dragon Age game, but I'm not really fond of the setting more than any other. Now I'm right tickled to hear news of the game finally moving beyond fifth level at some time this summer, but it occurs to me that I will make a point of buying no other game in which needful updates must wait on a third party's approval.

Any chance of putting together a more generic or at least entirely in-house setting and ruleset for the system? Go light or even silly fantasy, just to say it is different, if that is needful. I'd try real hard not to take things from the silly fantasy books and use them in the dark fantasy setting, if that would help the licensing issues any.

Again, I really like the box set and the GM's kit. Great system. Pretty good setting, even though I have no intention of playing the computer game.

Could use the standard three books: Players, GM's and Monsters.

I know it is really not likely till after the whole thing has run its course, but I have to urge it.
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Re: AGE a cool system, but DA's aproval process drags it dow

Postby Bardwulf » Mon May 14, 2012 1:40 pm

Players should do what I did and contact Bioware telling them to hurry up the approval on the Deep Roads book!

Trying to contact them on their website just takes you through to EA rubbish, so I had to use Twitter. Here's their Twitter:!/bioware

Let's all contact them.
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