Walk the Plank Now Available

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Walk the Plank Now Available

Postby SassyRonin » Mon Jun 18, 2007 12:55 pm

Walk the Plank, the card game of piracy and ambition, is now available in our Green Ronin Online Store.

Walk the Plank
A Non-Collectible Card Game for 3-9 Buccaneers, Ages 8 and Up
Designed by Brian Hess and Evan Sass
Illustrated by Ramsey Hong
Format: 68 color playing cards in a tuck box
ISBN: 1932442928

The Card Game of Piracy and Ambition
Walk the Plank is the fast-paced card game of fun, fierce pirate action. You are pirates on a ship without a captain, and who better to wear the captain's hat than you? Make your opponents walk the plank, avoid the sea monster, and if you've got the skill and luck to be the captain at the end of the game, you win!

Walk the Plank is similar to classic trick- taking games like Hearts, Spades, Bridge, and Euchre, but with super-fast game play that relies both on luck and strategy. The game is easy for kids and adults to learn and master, and provides endless hours of entertainment.

Walk the Plank can be played by two aspiring captains, but it's the most fun with at least three, and the more, the merrier!

Make your friends Walk the Plank today!

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Re: Walk the Plank Now Available

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