[Creature] Beholder

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[Creature] Beholder

Postby newbiedm » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:12 pm

I present my first attempt at original Dragon Age monster creation, D&D's Beholder, or as the Dwarves of Orzammar call it, One of Many Eyes. I hope he is deadly enough, and scary.


Communication 1
Constitution 2
Cunning 2
Dexterity 6
Magic 3
Perception (seeing) 3
Strength (intimidation) 9
Willpower 4

Speed (Hover): 10 Health: 90 Defense: 18 Armor: 5


• Bite +9 (1d6+9 damage)
• Central Eye (range 20 yds.; can be used as a minor action) Attack: +6 (1d6+6 penetrating damage)

Eye Rays (Attack +6; range 20 yards) As a major action the One-of-Many-Eyes can select two of the following attacks, each against a different target. Each ray makes its own attack roll. Ray attacks only generate stunt points when applicable.

• Fire Ray - 2d6+6 penetrating damage, if the target makes a successful Dexterity (Acrobatics) test vs. the attack roll, the damage is halved. (Stunts apply)
• Sleep Ray - the target falls asleep for 1d6 rounds. He is considered unconscious. If the target makes a successful Willpower test vs. the attack roll, he or she stays awake and falls prone instead.
• Telekinesis Ray - the target is moved 20 yards in the direction of the One-of-Many-Eyes’ choosing.
• Confusion Ray - On his or her next turn, the target must attack his closest ally.
• Fear Ray - The target is frozen with fear and cannot move for 1d6 rounds. During this time the target’s attacks and defense are at a -5. A successful Willpower test vs. the attack roll negates these effects.
• Paralyzing Ray - 2d6+6 damage, and the target must make an opposed Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Jumping) test vs. the Attack Roll. If the test is failed, the target is paralyzed for 1d6 rounds or until the One of Many Eyes is destroyed. (Stunts apply)
• Disintegrate Ray - 3d6+6 penetrating damage, if the target makes an opposed Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Jumping) test vs. the Attack Roll, the damage is halved. (Stunts apply)

Favored Stunts: Lethal Blow, Eye Frenzy

Eye Frenzy Attack: After attacking with Bite or Central Eye, and at a cost of 5 Stunt points, the One-of-Many-Eyes can select up to 4 Eye Ray attacks. Each attack must be against different targets.

The One-of-Many-Eyes has a strong natural hide, providing an Armor Rating of 5.

Not quite fully a magical creature, yet somehow possessing what seem like magical powers, the creature known as the One-of-Many-Eyes is somewhat of an enigma. Only found in the darkest bowels of the earth beneath the Deep Roads, the creature also known as the Eye Tyrant is one of the deadliest in the land. The taint’s corruption of the host body, combined with an entity from the Fade known as a Gluttony Demon, creates this macabre, engorged sphere, covered in fast moving eye stalks that surround a larger central eye.

All this creature can think about is looking for and devouring its next meal, and uses the power afforded to it by the taint’s corruption, the demon that possesses it, and the lyrium laced walls that line the caverns it lives in to find its next prey, kill it, and swallowing it whole. Most dwarves will refuse to go anywhere near caverns rumored to house an Eye Tyrant, and adventurers would by wise to heed the advice of the bravest of Dwarven Paragons: “If you see one, you will die, because it has already seen you first.”
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Re: [Creature] Beholder

Postby Guardian of the Peak » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:27 am

Nice creation you've got there. Might have to have him peek in (lol) when my PCs head to Orzammar.
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