Dragon Age Hilarity: Funny Moments

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Dragon Age Hilarity: Funny Moments

Postby Guardian of the Peak » Wed May 09, 2012 12:23 pm

We've all had those moments. Weather GM or player we've all experienced those moments in game and at the table where we just can't help but laugh out loud at the results.

A perfect example from my side would be the time that my party had to cross a fallen log to cross a ravine (Not the Dalish Curse). While most of the party was busy fending off spiders and making their way across the large log without falling, one of my rogues rolled a "That makes me wonder" stunt and decided to check the log. I rolled triple sixes on what he would find and the log ended up being hollow from end to end and large enough to crawl safely through. That moment got the entire table laughing and we nearly woke my friend's dad in the process.

What have you guys experienced in your time playing that has made you giggle, laugh, or even bust a gut and fall out of your chair in hilarity?
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Re: Dragon Age Hilarity: Funny Moments

Postby Elfie » Wed May 09, 2012 1:23 pm

The PCs: Male Human (Elden), Female Elf (Ashana), Female Human (Rei), Female Human (Tzigane)
The NPC: Male Human (Adric)

Ashana is forced to wait outside of a clothing shop while Rei and Tzigane go inside and try on dresses. Ashana is tricked into an alley where she is attacked by thugs, who beat the total crap out of her. Rei and Tzigane return to find her missing but see evidence of a fight, so they rush to rally the troops, grabbing Elden to help follow the trail look while Tzigane waits at the ship (party base) in case Ashana returns.

Ashana wakes up having been found beaten and unconscious by Adric, who brought her back to his home, bandaged her, and got her new clothes. She thanks him VERY much for helping her and tells him she was attacked by bandits and could he please go get her friends who are staying on such and such ship. Since he might encounter said bandits, Adric gears up in his armor and sword.

Meanwhile, Elden and Rei manage to follow the trail of blood straight to Adric's third-story door. Suddenly a man bursts out armed and armored and they both attack. Adric defends himself against the "bandits" shouting into the room for "My lady Ashana, flee out the window!" Ashana climbs out the window, but is afraid of the fall (having only 1 hp left), so she just hides on the ledge. Rei hears "my lady Ashana" and thinks "wait, what?" but the battle is too heated and she rushes passed Adric into the room. Ashana recognizes Rei coming into the room and starts to come back in, but Adric bravely rushes Rei (still thinking her a bandit), knocking himself, Rei, AND Ashana out the window.

Fortunately Ashana lands on top, so she's alive, but she's unconscious, so she can't explain the mix-up. Finally a guard comes by (since they're outside) and breaks up the fight. Elden manages to get downstairs and wake up Ashana, who then tells everyone to play nice... and to stop pushing her out of windows.
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Re: Dragon Age Hilarity: Funny Moments

Postby Saisei » Wed May 09, 2012 3:31 pm

There's two moments that sprint to mind. The first is quite dark humour.

The first was when I was running A Bann Too Many. It was at the end when the party find the bandit camp. They had staked it out and had a plan all worked out and ready to go. Unfortunately they had been followed by the innkeepers daughter Delia (who one of the party had slept with) without them knowing. But Delia had gotten herself good and captured. As the party were waiting for nightfall they see Delia dragged, barely clothed, into the camp. A number of bandits line up to do unspeakable deeds to poor Delia. Tobbin, who had slept with her, lept to his feet ready to rescue the girl but another PC, Sifred, stopped him saying "Wait, it'll be a good distraction". We all laughed in utter horror at the statement and still do to this day.

NOTE: They saved her from being raped of course, and the bandits got what was coming.

The second instance was during the Amber Rage when the party were making their way back from getting the shadow moss. I ran some of the suggested encounters and the party was attacked by a Blight Owl and a crocodile.One of the PCs decided to wrestle the crocodile and try to hold it's mouth closed but he couldn't do it so another jumped on to help. While that was going on, instead of attacking the owl, another party member took off his coat and was trying to catch the thing.

It ended with the party holding down the owl (inside a pcs coat) and drowning it in the water, whilst tying the mouth of the crocodile closed and letting it leave, essentially sentencing it to a cruel and prolonged death.
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