My take on space combat using AGE

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My take on space combat using AGE

Postby newbiedm » Tue May 15, 2012 11:26 am

I am writing a Star Wars version of AGE.
Here's my take on space combat.
Basically, at its core, it is Ship=Character
So a ship will have a defense like a character, 10+Pilot's Dexterity(Piloting)

Here's the report on a playtest I ran: ... wage-hack/
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Re: My take on space combat using AGE

Postby Zapp » Wed May 16, 2012 6:15 am

I would have preferred that shields = hp and that unshielded ships (larger than shuttles and fighters that is) just take critical damage (instead of simply dying at 0 hp, they lose "limbs" such as the cargo compartment, turrets, your combat droid etc).
With just 35 Health, that tie is at 11 hp now!

I would expect TIE-fighters to be one-hit kills. Set their Health to 10 to allow for "glancing" (=weak) blows (like the hit that crippled but didn't destroy Darth Vader's TIE) but generally ensure a one-shot kill.
Gunner 2: I go after Tie 2.

Any particular reason you wouldn't want to gang up to finish off weakened ships (since one hit won't be enough to kill)?

Meaning: why did Gunner 2 attack TIE 2 and not TIE 1? Something about firing arcs (not part of this example but part of your ruleset) perhaps?

Astrogation: I botched my roll! All these maneuvers are throwing off the computer, it can’t pinpoint our exact location! Argh! We need a droid, he has a better chance than me! Turn is over.

Tie 1: His move of 11 easily puts him close to your ship, he takes a shot, but misses!

Tie 2: He moves adjacent to his ally, remember that his Howlrunner Formation maneuver is still active, so he attacks you at a +2, and he hits! You take 11 points of damage.

Astrogation: I rolled a 14, beat the test! And a 6 on the Force Die. My threshold count is now at 11, 4 more and we’re outta here! Keep us alive guys…..

Did I miss something or did just Astrogation guy get to act twice?
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