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Discuss our dark fantasy adventure tabletop roleplaying game based on BioWare's computer game, Dragon Age Origins.

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Posted this on RPG.net ages ago, but no one here seems to have picked up on it:

Okay, notes from the newly live podcast:

* Boxed set (Player’s book, GM’s book, poster map, 3 dice); box = looks like a game.
* Bioware approached GR, not the other way around.
* Bioware said not to use the computer game system; it’d be too complex to use tabletop.
* Classes, spells, etc. are kept, but the system is tabletop-specific.
* Inspired by old school games esp. aesthetics, but is not a retro-clone.
* Wanted to avoid the “thick book” barrier to entry. Wanted a game easy to get in to, especially in light of possible newbies from the computer fandom.
* Player and GM book split more user friendly and less intimidating.
* Player book focused on core of game, character creation, setting primer.
* Covers levels 1-5, later three sets will cover the final 15 levels.
* All sets will include adventure materials.
* Different sets will have other rule additions, more poster maps, etc. Set 3 might have mass combat rules, for example.
* GM book teaches GM to run game and includes intro. sample adventure.
* System is 3d6 + Ability.
* Rules-lite but robust; includes a “Dragon Die” mechanic.
* The Dragon Die mechanic is one of the three dice rolled (but a different colour). The number rolled determines degree of success (so if it comes up 1 you barely succeed, if 6 you’ve done brilliantly). Adventures being written will even let you know what the degrees of success mean.
* Also used for spells and stunts in combat. If succeed and roll doubles on any of the three dice, you generate Stunt Points equal to the result of the Dragon Die. You have a menu of stunts that you can spend your Stunt Points on immediately to perform; they have to be spent immediately. Examples include disarm, manoeuvre for bonus on next action, etc. Different classes can perform the stunts at reduced costs at various levels.
* Game also has Talents that give access to special stunts.
* Characters can also perform stunts in spellcasting, such as casting spells using less mana points.
* Because you can’t guarantee if or how many Stunt Points you get it makes the combat more unpredictable, especially as you have to spend the points immediately.
* PDF release first, box about a month later.
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