What I'm hoping to see

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What I'm hoping to see

Postby Kravell » Sat May 09, 2009 4:59 pm

I can't tell from the snippets I've read on Dragon Age whether it is strictly for newcomers and very simple or if it will also support long term play with players who want options and roleplaying. In other words, a simple start but with more options added on.

I very much like the idea of PCs earning a knighthood and that knighthood giving them access to special training, more powerful people, land grants etc. I also like the idea of good guys versus bad guys but with a lot of gray as well (Warhammer FRP covers this mix fairly well in my opinion). I would also enjoy a game that can support a months long campaign; that will allow decent improvement in characters but not ratcheting up the power too quickly (again WFRP covers this).

I'm not playing WFRP because it is out of print to my players and the random char gen wouldn't seem very heroic to them. Level based games work well for me, but 4E doesn't work for me and I'm burned out on 3.5. If I never see BAB again I'd be okay with that, weapons simply as skills makes combat much less the total focus in my opinion.

I really hope Dragon Age supports long term campaigns, as the basic setting, characters, and monsters look interesting to me. And I would really enjoy a great campaign map in a boxed set somewhere down the road. Finally, a book of creatures and NPCs would be helpful if the game supports long term play. Again, like the monster book for WFRP.
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Postby The-Broken-One » Sat May 09, 2009 8:57 pm

i agree 100% on all your hopes for the game, ive been burned out on fantasy rpg's for awhile now thanks to the time sapping mindnumbing chore that d&d 3.5 became once my group got about a certain lvl and would love it if this game had a nice simple ruleset that slowly layers on the optional rules whilst drawing my group deeper into the setting.

the idea of earning the right to become a knight is a really good idea aswell since it gives players and gm's alike a starting goal to keep in mind whilst playing through the initial advantures of a campaign.
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Postby MrJones » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:44 am

:D Unified dice roll mechanic, Blood, guts, disease, mud, hit locations, grit, cults, grim, grime, wounds, wound severity, low fantasy, infection, armour soaks damage, Players narrating scenes (rp collaboration), lowly folk being able to achieve the seemingly impossible (so grimm with a 'hope' element thrown in), rules for tooth decay...

:-? Fairies, computer game art, warriors casting spells, 'roll under' rule mechanic, specific detailed rail roading skills, 'hit points', goth elves, complicated combat, minatures :x...
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Postby Ryngard » Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:38 pm

I miss roleplaying. A lot. My group has splintered and when we can get together, we have a hard time getting into any games. Been playing D&D for 21 years (with tons of other games mixed in) and we're all burned out. 3e was great, 4e is great, however both are just bogged down with rules, supplements, errata, etc.

I am so very much eagerly awaiting the return to RPG roots with Dragon Age! The boxed set system that GR is doing sounds exactly like what we want! We can focus on small bits of the RPG puzzle without being overwhelmed by thousands of pages of useless supplements!

Chris, please make the game intuitive, interesting, and fast-paced! Give us options, but focus on the STORY and the RPG and not fill us up with tons of useless supplements that require advanced statistics degrees to properly computer our characters.

I want to get the ROLE back into RPG! And Dragon Age RPG seems like the way to go!

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Postby Pramas » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:26 pm

While the game is meant to be approachable to newcomers, it isn't just for them. And yes, it certainly will be viable for long term play. That's why there will be boxed sets covering levels 1-20.
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