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Video Game's Magic

Postby Strand0 » Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:30 pm

From Dragon Age Wiki

Spells give mages the ability to devastate their foes and protect and heal their allies. Spells are used by mages instead of talents. Mage spells are divided into four "schools" of magic: Primal, Spirit, Creation, and Entropy.

These spell descriptions are taken from the NYCC demo, and may be subject to change.

1 Types of Spells
1.1 Activated
1.2 Sustained
2 Creation
3 Entropy
4 Primal
5 Spirit

Types of Spells ActivatedActivated spells have an original mana cost in order to cast it, but nothing further. After the initial cast, the mana cost is drained and the desired effect is achieved.

Sustained Sustained spells not only have an original mana cost for casting, but also a mana upkeep in order to keep the spell in effect. In example: A sustained spell requires 12 mana for the initial casting, as well as 20 mana in upkeep. This 20 mana would not be able to be used by your mage for other spells and if you slip below 20 mana, the spell would dissipate.

Creation Creation spells allow mages to heal and boost their allies, as well as render certain foes harmless.

Heal > Cure > Regeneration > Purify
Heroic Offense > Heroic Aura > Heroic Defense > Haste
Glyph of Paralysis > Glyph of Warding > Glyph of Repulsion > Glyph of Neutralization
Spell Wisp > Grease > Spellbloom > Stinging Swarm

Entropy Entropy spells are all about crippling and damaging foes.

Weakness > Paralyze > Miasma > Mass Paralysis
Vulnerability Hex > Affliction Hex > Misdirection Hex > Death Hex
Daze > Horror > Sleep > Waking Nightmare
Drain Life > Death Magic > Curse of Mortality > Death Cloud

Primal Primal spells involve dealing elemental damage to foes, and using the elements to protect yourself or your allies.

Flame Blast > Flaming Weapons > Fireball > Inferno
Rock Armor > Stonefist > Earthquake > Petrify
Winter's Grasp > Frost Weapons > Cone of Cold > Blizzard
Lightning > Shock > Tempest > Chain Lightning

Spirit Spells from the Spirit school allow one to enhance weapons, protect allies, and damage the very spirit of an enemy.

Spell Shield > Dispel Magic > Anti-Magic Ward > Anti-Magic Burst
Mana Drain > Mana Cleanse > Spell Might > Mana Clash
Walking Bomb > Death Syphon > Virulent Walking Bomb > Animate Dead
Mind Blast > Force Field > Telekinetic Weapons > Crushing Prison
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Postby Iltsuger » Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:41 am

Do mages from different disciplines interact regularly? Or is there a sort of stand-offishness between specialists of the various schools? Since you can pretty much specialize or generalize, I imagine it wouldn't be too big a problem for characters, but how does the world itself treat the different kinds of mages?
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Postby 77IM » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:51 am

Mages are all part of the Circle. Anyone who shows signs of magical ability is taken, at a very early age, and raised by the Circle. They are closely monitored by the Templars (fanatical knights of the Chantry) for signs of demonic possession, which is all too common amongst magic users of any sort. There are still some non-Circle mages operating out in the wilderness under their own traditions, but they are officially declared a menace and the Templars kill them if they find them.

So, I get the impression that school specialization is only relevant to the mages themselves and that to the outside world they are all viewed as part of one big group.

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Postby Iltsuger » Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:02 pm

Hm, that reminds me a lot of Warhammer FRP :)

I always sorta liked hedge wizards, myself :)
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