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Postby Beastman » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:12 am

Meh. Still waiting for my Box in January. So to some of you already having the pdf: are there multiclassing rules? if so please give a short recount. if not would it be difficult to introduce them.

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Postby Jekias » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:16 am

No Mulitclassing options - not that I believe you need them anyway.

You have three core classes... Rogue/Warrior/Mage.

Possibly could make a 'battle' mage type character by being selective of the talents and focus skills you take but if your expecting to make a plate wearing, fireball casting character then I think you might be stretching it a bit (not to say that you cant, but I just dont see it fitting into this game)
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Postby Batgirl III » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:21 am

With only five levels per class, in Box Set I, I'd simply advise waiting for Set II or III which is likely to contain Class Specializations, such as arcane warrior, bard, &c.

That said, by careful allocation of attributes, talents, and skills (and an eye towards the right equioment) you could build a rogue or mage that fights on the frontline, or a mage or warrior who sneaks and steals. There isn;t any way to add spellcasting to non-mages, however.
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Postby psychodrive » Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:14 am

I rolled a standard Level 1 Apostate Mage and swapped two stat pairs. Tweaked and geared.

With a couple of bozos (maybe a pet parrot!), I think he could provide an interesting end-encounter for a low-level party, especially if you fudge some rolls and pull out a stunt or two.

Due to mail, he chews through mana. Could probably bump down to Heavy Leather. Alternatively, give him a Unique Power that reduces Strain by 1.

Front-line Mage
Concept: A mage that isn't afraid to step up and fight on the front line.
Background: Human Apostate
Languages: Trade tongue

Health : 28
Mana : 16

AR: 5
DEF: 10 (11 if shield is equipped)
SPD: 8

Communication : -1
Constitution : 2
*Cunning : 2 (Healing)
Dexterity : 0
*Magic : 3
Perception : 1
Strength : 2
*Willpower : 3 (Self-Discipline)

Powers: Arcane Lance, Magic Training
Talents: Chirurgy
Spells: Daze, Drain Life, Heroic Offense

Favoured Stunts: Skillful Casting, Pierce Armour, Mighty Blow

Equipment: Healer's Kit, Reinforced Gauntlet (1d3+2 dmg), Wand, Light Shield, Light Mail (Strain 3)
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