Perverse effect of Primary/Secondary attributes

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Postby jaguar451 » Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:31 am

psychodrive wrote:
jaguar451 wrote: * Guess I'm a little surprised that pre-reqs apply, as other than the bonus talent, there isn't much benefit to Rogue over Warrior - primary difference is backstab and +1 faster in Heavy Leather Armor. Guess I'm used to Rogue being more skilled, so expected an ability focus or two.

Thievery and Scouting are rogue-specific talents. Besides that, because of the difference in primary attributes, the rogue is liable to gain more benefit from certain focuses (communication focuses, for instance). Don't forget that, at Level 2, rogues get to use the Pierce Armour stunt for 1sp. In combination with other stunts, or a backstab, this is definitely an advantage. Pierce Armour + Lightning Attack and Pierce Armour + Mighty Blow are great combos, not to mention Pierce Armour + Skirmish.

Mechanically, I see far more differentiation and choice in rogue playing styles than in warrior (ie. the flesh pinata class).

From an RP perspective, it's up to the player anyway (although ideally it should align with their rolled stats whether this matches the stereotype or not).

Doh! Missed that those talents were Rogue only. Thanks for pointing that out....

Although all but the City Elf will have to wait for Level 3 to get Scouting (can't have the pre-req.) For a bard/spy type, if Com of 1+, or a Thief/Explorer type with Dex 3+, then yeah, Rogue has benefits starting from Level 1.

As for Level 2 class abilities, Warriors could be better at Climbing, and Rogues get help dealing more damage.

I wonder if long term Ability focus' will differentiate between primary / secondary abilities.... (+2 vs +1....)

As for differences in playing style, the default talents for Rogue have a bit of differentiation (smooth talker, scout, thief/explorer; assuming pre-reqs met), while with Warriors, the difference is in how one fights: Dual wielder, archer, heavy hitter, defender, .... I think a good amount of differentiation for Warriors.
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