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October 26, 2005

"Leading the Way"

Five years ago Green Ronin Publishing was nothing but a few ideas in my head, coupled with a little bit of know-how gleaned from my years as a freelance writer and staff designer for other companies. I knew that I wanted to create fantastic books and that I wanted to work with the best talent in the industry. Today Green Ronin is a leading publisher of RPGs and the winner of more awards for quality and innovation than anyone in the field. We have seven full time employees, scores of books in print, and a prestigious RPG-design-house deal with Games Workshop. We started the d20 boom and we have been instrumental in pushing its boundaries. What has allowed Green Ronin to keep in the game? Three things:

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October 17, 2005

Distributor List

These distributors carry our products. [Updated July 1, 2009]

US Distributors

ACD Distribution
Email: darrellw@acdd.com
Phone: 800-767-4263 x209
Contact: Darrell Wyatt, Sales Manager
Warehouses in Harrisburg, PA; Fresno, CA; and Madison, WI

Aladdin Distributors (Minnesota)
Email: aladdindist@yahoo.com
Phone: 800-377-4627
Contact: Erick Storm

Alliance Game Distributors (Maryland)
Email: mla2@alliance-games.com
Phone: 800-669-4263
Contact: Marc Aquino, Sales Manager

Alliance Game Distributors (Indiana)
Email: djo@alliance-games.com
Phone: 800-444-3552
Contact: Danny O'Neill, Sales Manager

Alliance Game Distributors (Texas)
Email: kls@alliance-games.com
Phone: 800-424-3773
Contact: Karen Scofield, Sales Lead

Alliance Game Distributors (Southern California)
Email: asb@alliance-games.com
Phone: 888-366-5456
Contact: Alex Bartos, Sales Manager

Alliance Game Distributors (Bay Area, California)
Phone: 1-800-424-4263
Contact: Kris Nelson, Sales Lead

Diamond Comic Distributors
Email: gtyler@diamondcomics.com
Phone: 1-800-452-6642, 1-410-560-7148
Contact: Tyler Graves, New Accounts Coordinator

GTS Distribution
Email: newaccounts@gtsdistribution.com
Arizona (Phoenix)
Phone: (602) 431-1800
Contact: Steve Fierro, Facility Business Manager

California (North - San Jose) Phone: (408) 441-0170 Contact: Mike Cardoza, Assistant Facility Business Mgr.

California (South - Orange)
Phone: (714) 940-0860
Contact: Chris Carabio, Facility Business Manager

Florida (Orlando)
Phone: (407) 767-5454
Contact: Fred Leemhuis, Facility Business Manager

Georgia (Atlanta)
Phone: (770) 333-9500
Contact: Steve Fierro, Facility Business Manager

Hawaii (Honolulu)
Phone: (808) 841-0265
Contact: Brian Chu, Facility Business Manager

Washington (Everett)
Phone: (425) 513-2888
Contact: Jim Lynch, Facility Business Manager

Premier Hobby North
Bound Brook, New Jersey
Email: ChrisS@phdgames.com
Phone: 1-888-657-1802 Toll Free
Contact: Chris Smith

Premiere Hobby South
Orlando, FL
Email: lisa@phdgames.com
Phone: (407) 571-1250
Contact: Lisa Petruzello

International Distributors

Esdevium Games Limited
Alton, UK
Email Sales team: sales@esdeviumgames.com
Phone Sales team: +0044 (01) 420 593 593
Serving the United Kingdom and Europe

Lion Rampant Imports
Hamilton, Ontario
Email: lion@lionrampantimports.com
Phone: 1-800-992-7679
Serving Canada

St. Jean, France
Email: millenniumgames@wanadoo.fr
Phone: 05-34-36-40-50
Serving France, Benelux, Spain

Pegasus Spiele GMBH
Email: karsten.esser@pegasus.de
Serving Germany and Europe

Universal Distribution Vancouver
Vancouver, BC, Canada
New account contact: Oliver Lea
Email: oliver@universaldist.com
Phone: 604-596-4320
Serving: Western Canada & the Territories

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