Distributor List

These distributors carry our products. [Updated July 1, 2009]

US Distributors

ACD Distribution
Email: darrellw@acdd.com
Phone: 800-767-4263 x209
Contact: Darrell Wyatt, Sales Manager
Warehouses in Harrisburg, PA; Fresno, CA; and Madison, WI

Aladdin Distributors (Minnesota)
Email: aladdindist@yahoo.com
Phone: 800-377-4627
Contact: Erick Storm

Alliance Game Distributors (Maryland)
Email: mla2@alliance-games.com
Phone: 800-669-4263
Contact: Marc Aquino, Sales Manager

Alliance Game Distributors (Indiana)
Email: djo@alliance-games.com
Phone: 800-444-3552
Contact: Danny O'Neill, Sales Manager

Alliance Game Distributors (Texas)
Email: kls@alliance-games.com
Phone: 800-424-3773
Contact: Karen Scofield, Sales Lead

Alliance Game Distributors (Southern California)
Email: asb@alliance-games.com
Phone: 888-366-5456
Contact: Alex Bartos, Sales Manager

Alliance Game Distributors (Bay Area, California)
Phone: 1-800-424-4263
Contact: Kris Nelson, Sales Lead

Diamond Comic Distributors
Email: gtyler@diamondcomics.com
Phone: 1-800-452-6642, 1-410-560-7148
Contact: Tyler Graves, New Accounts Coordinator

GTS Distribution
Email: newaccounts@gtsdistribution.com
Arizona (Phoenix)
Phone: (602) 431-1800
Contact: Steve Fierro, Facility Business Manager

California (North - San Jose) Phone: (408) 441-0170 Contact: Mike Cardoza, Assistant Facility Business Mgr.

California (South - Orange)
Phone: (714) 940-0860
Contact: Chris Carabio, Facility Business Manager

Florida (Orlando)
Phone: (407) 767-5454
Contact: Fred Leemhuis, Facility Business Manager

Georgia (Atlanta)
Phone: (770) 333-9500
Contact: Steve Fierro, Facility Business Manager

Hawaii (Honolulu)
Phone: (808) 841-0265
Contact: Brian Chu, Facility Business Manager

Washington (Everett)
Phone: (425) 513-2888
Contact: Jim Lynch, Facility Business Manager

Premier Hobby North
Bound Brook, New Jersey
Email: ChrisS@phdgames.com
Phone: 1-888-657-1802 Toll Free
Contact: Chris Smith

Premiere Hobby South
Orlando, FL
Email: lisa@phdgames.com
Phone: (407) 571-1250
Contact: Lisa Petruzello

International Distributors

Esdevium Games Limited
Alton, UK
Email Sales team: sales@esdeviumgames.com
Phone Sales team: +0044 (01) 420 593 593
Serving the United Kingdom and Europe

Lion Rampant Imports
Hamilton, Ontario
Email: lion@lionrampantimports.com
Phone: 1-800-992-7679
Serving Canada

St. Jean, France
Email: millenniumgames@wanadoo.fr
Phone: 05-34-36-40-50
Serving France, Benelux, Spain

Pegasus Spiele GMBH
Email: karsten.esser@pegasus.de
Serving Germany and Europe

Universal Distribution Vancouver
Vancouver, BC, Canada
New account contact: Oliver Lea
Email: oliver@universaldist.com
Phone: 604-596-4320
Serving: Western Canada & the Territories

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