"Leading the Way"

Five years ago Green Ronin Publishing was nothing but a few ideas in my head, coupled with a little bit of know-how gleaned from my years as a freelance writer and staff designer for other companies. I knew that I wanted to create fantastic books and that I wanted to work with the best talent in the industry. Today Green Ronin is a leading publisher of RPGs and the winner of more awards for quality and innovation than anyone in the field. We have seven full time employees, scores of books in print, and a prestigious RPG-design-house deal with Games Workshop. We started the d20 boom and we have been instrumental in pushing its boundaries. What has allowed Green Ronin to keep in the game? Three things:

A Commitment to Quality: During the d20 glut (and beyond) there have been certain companies that cranked out as much badly designed, poorly illustrated junk as they could shove into the system, and too many of those titles are still sitting unsold on store shelves. Green Ronin has far too much respect for our fans and industry partners to do that. We are committed to quality books and that goes for all areas: rules, writing, graphic design, and art. We must admit that sometimes this dedication costs us. Some books come out later than we intended, while others grow in size, but we stand by the final result. A late book is only late until it ships; a bad book is bad forever.

A Dedicated and Professional Staff: The Green Ronin staff includes some of the most talented people in the game industry. I wouldn’t have hired them otherwise. We count amongst our ranks one of the founders of White Wolf, a former Creative Director from Wizards of the Coast, a former brand manager from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and the game designers behind some of the most critically acclaimed RPGs of the past five years. We have decades of experience and we bring that to every book we produce.

A Willingness to Take Chances: We have always been willing to take chances. When other companies took a wait and see attitude about d20, we grabbed the ball and ran with it. When our competitors retreated to the dungeon, we created Mutants & Masterminds and built it into the top superhero RPG on the market. When others companies were putting out sourcebooks on deserts and glaciers, we were trying to appeal to a new demographic with Blue Rose: the RPG of Romantic Fantasy. When we adopted the slogan “leading the way,” we were serious about it.

If you’ve supported Green Ronin over the years, you have our gratitude. If you are new to RPGs or the game industry, let us show you why Green Ronin is the top of the field. We have created this Retailer Support Section to help you stock and sell Green Ronin’s games and support products. We hope you find this section of our site useful and we hope you enjoy continued sales and customer satisfaction with Green Ronin Publishing.

Chris Pramas
Green Ronin Publishing

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