Green Ronin Publishing 1st Quarter 2006 Releases

This 151 kB PDF details Green Ronin's releases for Q1 of 2006. Products included are Future Player's Companion, Lockdown, Crisis in Freeport, True20 Adventure Roleplaying, and Masterminds's Manual.

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Green Ronin Publishing 1st Quarter 2006 Releases

Future Player’s Companion
A Sourcebook for d20 Modern
Written by Gary Astleford and Rodney Thompson
128 pages, perfect bound
MSRP: $23.95
ISBN: 1-932442-54-5
Available January '06

Heroes can face some pretty tough decisions, but nothing compares to the choices a player has to make. Whether at character creation or when leveling up, just figuring out how to get the sci-fi hero on your character sheet to match the one in your imagination may be the toughest challenge in the game. The Future Player's Companion provides more character fundamentals for your sci-fi d20 System game. From basics such as talent trees and new advanced and prestige classes to innovative new options like Environment Packages for characters from alien worlds and rules for biotech and genetic engineering, this crucial sourcebook give you the tools necessary to define your hero of tomorrow.

A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook
Written by Lucien Soulban
Cover art by Ramon Perez
Format: 128 pages, perfect-bound, full-color
MSRP: $26.95
ISBN: 1-932442-45-6
Available January '06

So your heroes have captured yet another super-villain. Where are they going to put them all? In prison, of course! Lockdown is a sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, describing a prison for super-convicts. It details all four levels of the Buckner Ridge Superhuman Penitentiary, the first privately run super-prison. You get details on the prison's layout, operations, and staff, including its super-powered guards. Lockdown has profiles on various inmates and factions within the prison, as well as a description of the nearby town of Buckner Ridge. Lockdown saved its failing economy, but is it worth the price of having a prison full of the world's most dangerous super-criminals in its backyard? Lockdown comes with numerous adventure ideas and ways to use the prison in your own Mutants & Masterminds campaign. You can make it a background element or build an entire game where the characters are convicts! Plus, Lockdown comes with a secret: a conspiracy that could bring the prison crashing down and threaten law and order across the world!

Crisis in Freeport
A d20 System Adventure for Characters Level 7-9
Written by Chris Pramas and Robert J. Schwalb
Format: 64 pages, perfect-bound
MSRP: $16.95
ISBN: 1-932442-56-1
Available February '06

Sea Lord Drac is dead but peace has not come to the City of Adventure. With no blood relative or named successor, Drac has created turmoil with his demise. Will the Captains' Council be able to maintain control or will Freeport erupt into a vicious civil war? As tensions rise, the PCs get entangled in the machinations of the succession crisis. Many covet the Sea Lord's power but only one can succeed the mad Milton Drac. Will the new Sea Lord return Freeport to its golden age or herald in a new era of terror?

True20 Adventure Roleplaying
Written by Steve Kenson
Format: 224 pages, hard-bound
MSRP: $34.95
ISBN: 1-932442-57-X
Available February '06

True20 Adventure Roleplaying is the next evolution in game design from the company that brought you Mutants & Masterminds and Blue Rose. True20 offers a simplified and streamlined game system for all your roleplaying adventures. This core rulebook contains everything you need to get started, from character creation and combat to special abilities, supernatural powers, and equipment. True20 also contains several sample campaign settings, including the winners of Green Ronin's Setting Search. Each setting provides something different and shows off the strength and flexibility of the rules. If you want a fast, simple, and fun game system that’s still familiar to players of the world’s most popular RPGs, if you want a vehicle for creating worlds of adventure, then True20 is for you. True fun, true excitement, true adventure, True20!

Mastermind's Manual
A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook
Designed by Steve Kenson
Format: 160 pages, hard-bound, full color
MSRP: $32.95
ISBN: 1-932442-55-3
Available March '06

The Mastermind’s Manual is the perfect companion to the award-winning Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game. In its pages you will find endless ways to customize the M&M system to suit your game, along with helpful Gamemaster advice, and insight into how the game is designed and played. The Mastermind’s Manual includes a vast array of optional and variant rules, complete guidelines for creating your own feats and super-powers, expanded systems for proficiency, combat, chases, skill use, and nearly every other aspect of the game. With the Mastermind’s Manual, you open up infinite possibilities, infinite options, and the power to truly make the world yours. It’s your master plan for taking the game to the next level... and what evil mastermind wouldn’t want that?

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