Stocking Green Ronin RPGs

We realize that we have a lot of SKUs and that not all stores specialize in roleplaying games or stock backlist titles deeply. This PDF document provides some suggestions on stocking Green Ronin's various RPG lines. (File and entry updated March 2, 2006.)

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Stocking Green Ronin RPGs

We realize that we have a lot of SKUs and that not all stores specialize in RPGs or stock backlist titles deeply. What follows are some suggestions on stocking Green Ronin's various RPG lines. For each line we will break the titles into three categories as follows:

Core Books: These products are the heart of the line and should be kept in stock to ensure the health of the line in your store.

Key Supplements: These are the most popular supplementary titles for the line. If your store is serious about stocking RPGs, you should also bring these titles in.

Specialized Supplements: These books are aimed at hardcore fans or have niche topics. They do not have the broad appeal of Key Supplements, but they can bring depth to your backstock and help support sales of Core Books.

A breakdown of Green Ronin lines follows. Some books note dates parenthetically. These are upcoming titles.

Mutants & Masterminds
This is Green Ronin's best selling line and the king of superhero RPGs. We launched a successful Second Edition at the end of 2005 and it continues to sell and sell. The Mutants & Masterminds line has top end production values, with full color books and stellar art. Freedom City, the game's home metropolis, has been widely hailed as the best superhero setting ever. Mutants & Masterminds is, in short, a premium RPG line in every sense of the word. Note that products noted as "1E" are first edition books that still have utility with Second Edition.

Core Books: Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition (GRR2501), Mastermind’s Manual (GRR2504; April '06)

Key Supplements: Freedom City Second Edition (GRR2502), Golden Age (GRR2507; May '06)

Specialized Supplements: Lockdown (GRR 2503), M&M GM's Screen (GRR2506; April '06), The Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion (GRR2006; 1E), Noir (GRR2011; 1E)

True20 Adventure Roleplaying
True20 Adventure Roleplaying is a streamlined RPG that is fast and fun. It is simpler and easier to learn than d20 and those players driven away from D&D by its increasing complexity have found it the perfect antidote. The core rules are in only one book and the game can handle fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and more. True20 has a full line of support products and books like Damnation Decade and True Sorcery include True20 conversion appendices as well. The game has been the subject of several features in Dragon Magazine, which also announced the winners of our True20 Setting Search in January.

Core Books: True20 Adventure Roleplaying (GRR1704), True20 Bestiary (GRR1706; May '06)

Key Supplements: True20 Worlds of Adventure (GRR1705; July '06),

Specialized Supplements: True Sorcery (GRR1707, June '06), Damnation Decade (GRR1411, April '06)

Thieves' World
We think Lynn Abbey said it best: "When Robert Asprin and I first created Thieves' World, we often described it as Dungeons & Dragons for people who write. Thanks to Green Ronin, grungiest city in fantasy fiction is putting out a welcome mat for people who game." Simply put, Thieves' World the perfect literary setting for the D&D game, hence the use of the d20 System for this fantastic license. We have worked closely with Lynn Abbey on these books and not only is everything in them approved as canon but they also reveal many never-before-seen secrets about the setting. DMs can either drop the city of Sanctuary into an existing campaign world or use the full Thieves' World setting as detailed in the Thieves' World Gazetteer. Since Thieves' World is a limited line of four books, all of which have now been released, it is easy to stock and maintain.

Core Books: Thieves' World Player's Manual (GRR1801), Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary (GRR1803)

Key Supplements: Thieves' World Gazetteer (GRR1804)

Specialized Supplements: Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn (GRR1802)

Blue Rose
Blue Rose is a stand-alone RPG of Romantic Fantasy, inspired by novelists like Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, and Diane Duane. Romantic Fantasy is a whole subgenre of fantasy fiction that has never had its own RPG. Fantasy fans put off by the "kill monsters and take their stuff" attitude of many games will find Blue Rose quite appealing. The art and graphic design are also stellar and draw in Romantic Fantasy fans with little more than a glance at the cover. The game line was conceived as a limited three-book arc, so it's easy to stock the entire line. It does, however, use the True20 rules, so it is compatible with that line as well.

Core Books: Blue Rose RPG (GRR1701)

Key Supplements: Blue Rose Companion (GRR1702), World of Aldea (GRR1703)

Specialized Supplements: None

Advanced Rulebooks
The Advanced Series supplements the core books for Dungeons & Dragons and its titles are written by D&D authors like Skip "the Sage" Williams and former Dragon Magazine editor Matthew Sernett. They appeal to any D&D player and can be used in any campaign. They are perfect for D&D fans that feel that the latest WotC offerings are too narrowly focused or too difficult to integrate into existing campaigns.

Core Books: Advanced Player's Manual (GRR1602), Advanced Bestiary (GRR1601), Advanced Game Master's Guide (GRR1603)

Key Supplements: None. This line is aimed squarely at the core D&D player.

Specialized Supplements: None. This line is aimed squarely at the core D&D player.

Freeport is Green Ronin's signature fantasy city setting. It mixes D&D standards with pirates and Lovecraftian horror. Freeport was designed to work in any fantasy setting and we've heard from players using it in every setting from Eberron and the Forgotten Realms to Iron Kingdoms and Scarred Lands. The Freeport Trilogy is a perfect game starter for D&D DMs, giving them a complete campaign for new characters in one book. A Freeport re-launch is planned for this Fall, so stay tuned for details.

Core Books: The Freeport Trilogy: 5-Year Anniversary Edition (GRR1901)

Key Supplements: Creatures of Freeport (GRR1027), Crisis in Freeport (GRR1902; June '06)

Specialized Supplements: Tales of Freeport (GRR1020), Denizens of Freeport (GRR1017)

Mythic Vistas
This is a line of stand-alone d20 System campaign settings meant to appeal to experienced D&D fans that want something more than dungeon crawl fare. Many of these books are based on real world history and mythology and this often makes for great synergy with pop culture events. For example, our golden age of piracy setting, Skull & Bones, got a nice boost from the film Pirates of the Caribbean. Similarly, our Eternal Rome was well timed to take advantage of HBO's new original TV show Rome. Mythic Vistas also includes some of our great licensed material, like the Black Company Campaign Setting based on Glen Cook's highly regarded series of fantasy novels. The next Mythic Vistas title is Damnation Decade, a dystopic setting inspired by 1970s sci-fi cinema and useable with both d20 Modern and our new True20 Adventure Roleplaying game.

Core Books: Black Company Campaign Setting (GRR1409), Eternal Rome (GRR1410), Medieval Player's Manual (GRR1403), Skull & Bones (GRR1018), Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra boxed set (GRR1407)

Key Supplements: Testament (GRR1019), Trojan War (GRR1405), Damnation Decade (GRR1411; April '06)

Specialized Supplements: Mindshadows (GRR1402), SpirosBlaak (GRR1404)

D20 Modern
Green Ronin's d20 Modern support is second to none. Our authors include Stan Brown and JD Wiker, who were designers on the d20 Modern core rulebook. We've also got a great setting in the Red Star, a licensed adaptation of the critically acclaimed comic series. Also of note is Sidewinder: Recoiled, a complete Wild West adaptation of the d20 Modern rules. Fans of Serenity/Firefly who don't want to learn a new system can combine Sidewinder: Recoiled with d20 Future to recreate the setting flawlessly. We suggest racking our d20 Modern books next to the game itself rather than in the Green Ronin section.

Core Books: Modern Player's Companion (GRR1502), Future Player's Companion (GRR1506), Ultramodern Firearms (GRR1016)

Key Supplements: Modern Magic (GRR1504), Red Star Campaign Setting (GRR1406), Sidewinder: Recoiled (GRR1408), Martial Arts Mayhem GRR1503)

Specialized Supplements: Modern GM Screen (GRR1501), Damnation Decade (GRR1411; April '06)

D20 Miscellaneous
We have several older lines from the d20 boom that still have key backlist titles. Of particular note is the d20 System Character Record Folio. This handy accessory is now in its sixth printing and at $4.50 it makes a perfect upsell to D&D players. We recommend racking the Folio with your D&D core books for this reason. Our map book Dungeons of Doom, while not d20 per se, is an appealing item for busy DMs. Coming this summer is True Sorcery, which takes the critically-acclaimed magic system from the Black Company Campaign Setting and expands it out to a complete book in its own right. True Sorcery includes conversion notes for using it with True20, d20 Modern, Thieves' World, and Malhavoc Press's Iron Heroes, so it casts quite a wide net.

Core Books: True Sorcery (GRR1707; June '06), d20 System Character Record Folio (GRR1023), Dungeons of Doom (GRR1029), Plot & Poison: A Guidebook to Drow (GRR1103), Cavalier's Handbook (GRR1307), Psychic's Handbook (GRR1306)

Key Supplements: Temple Quarter (GRR1030), Thieves' Quarter (GRR1026), Book of the Righteous (GRR1015)

Specialized Supplements: Bow & Blade: A Guidebook to Wood Elves (GRR1106), Noble's Handbook (GRR1305), Dezzavold: Fortress of the Drow (GRR1109), Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves (GRR1108)

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