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November 11, 2007

Using Hobby Games: The 100 Best to Sell Games

Green Ronin recently released Hobby Games: The 100 Best, a collection of essays about the great games of the last 50 years by a veritable who's who of game designers and industry notables. It's a great piece of industry history but more than that it's a great sales tool for retailers. Here are some ideas on how you can use Hobby Games: The 100 Best to sell more games in your store.

Counter Copy
This is a handy book to keep on your front counter. Let customers flip through it as they are making purchases. Use it to help people find gifts for friends and family. Show them what a famous game designer had to say about the game they are purchasing. Your staff (and particularly new hires) can also benefit from the book, as it's an easy way to help them understand your stock.

Special Display
You can draw attention to both the book and the covered games by setting up a special display. This will get your customers talking. Find out how many games on the list they already own and sell them the ones they don't have.

Alpha Gamers
Every store has its alpha gamers and aspiring designers. They need this book. Some of the best minds in the industry give great advice and analysis of what makes games great. If you can get the alpha gamers to buy in, others will follow. Anyone that reads the book will be back to buy some of the featured games.

Special Events
The book provides a great theme for a game day or weekend. Showcase nothing but games covered in the book. Let people try games that made the list and find out why they did. And of course be ready to sell them the games they played during the event.

Used Games
If you carry used games, the book is a handy way to draw attention to older classics. Some of the covered games are long out of print, but can frequently be found in the second hand market. Get the most out of vintage games by promoting their inclusion in Hobby Games: The 100 Best.

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