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April 22, 2009

True 20 Warrior's Handbook Review | Green Ronin | Flames Rising Horror & Dark Fantasy Webzine


April 21, 2009

Hobby Games The 100 Best - Book Review ยป Armchair General

Armchair General.com recently posted a review of Hobby Games: the 100 Best.


Watch for the companion volume, Family Games: the 100 Best in late summer!

RPGnet : Review of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying

A review of the Song of Ice and Fire RPG has recently been posted over at RPG.net:


April 13, 2009

True20 Logo

Here is a 358 x 387 pixel True20 Logo at 72 dpi, for use on your web site. (Feel free to scale it down.) Let us know if you need a high resolution version for printing.

True20 Logo

April 14, 2009

Torches & Pitchforks Review

The folks at Flames Rising recently posted their review of Torches and Pitchforks, Green Ronin's card game of classic horror-film monster hunters. Check it out:


Green Ronin Announces Spring/Summer Release Schedule

Green Ronin keeps a busy schedule every year, but spring and summer really seem to pack in the action! This year's release schedule is chocked full of goodness, including releases for True 20/Freeport, Song of Ice and Fire, Mutants & Masterminds (of course!) and the next installment of the Games 100 series!

In April, we start out with All-In, a 96-page adventure pack for the Wild Cards setting of Mutants and Masterminds. Look for distributors to have this book available starting April 20. Later in April will come the first supplemental tool for the Song of Ice and Fire RPG, the Narrator's Kit. Featuring our signature hardback-style, three-panel GM screen, this pack includes a 16-page introductory adventure written by Steve Kenson.

May is no less exciting, with the long-awaited Warriors & Warlocks sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds. At 144 pages, this book is a heaping helping of sword and sorcery for your M&M campaign, and includes everything you need to include Green Ronin's award-winning Freeport city as a setting for your fantasy-themed M&M campaign. Also in May will be the first full-length adventure set in the world of George R. R. Martin's Westeros, Peril at King's Landing for the Song of Ice and Fire role-playing.

June has the Mecha and Manga sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, plus new product support for our True 20 and Freeport lines in the form of the True 20 Freeport: Lost Island. If your customers are fans of manga, or just curious what it's all about, Mecha and Manga is the Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook to sell them! Mecha and Manga incorporates new character archetypes, rules for mecha design and creation, and much more! True 20 Freeport: Lost Island is an adventure for characters of levels 3-5, and takes them from Freeport across the seas in a peril-filled voyage to find out what's on this mysterious island, why it's important and who wants it.

July builds on the exciting framework of the previous months with the release of A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide, to provide greater detail on the people, places and things important to your customer's campaigns. This 256-page, full-color hard cover is sure to be a solid seller. A new addition to the schedule is the pocket edition of Ultimate Power. Out of print for nearly a year, we're finally bringing this popular book back into print in a convenient, pocket-sized version. Despite it's smaller size, this is still a hefty, 256-page sourcebook, and with the original having been out of print for so long, we expect significant pent-up demand for this title.

August is the lynchpin of the gamer's summer, and we wrap up our summer slate with two big releases: the Supervillains handbook and Family Games: the 100 Best. Supervillains: Need we say more? Those dastardly characters everyone loves to hate get their own, loving treatment in this full-color, 224-page hard cover book. Family Games follows up where Hobby Games: the 100 Best left off, with 100 game designers, authors and game-industry big-shots writing short essays about their favorite games and what makes those games great. Like Hobby Games, Family Games will be another great sales tool that no games store should be without. Also like Hobby Games, you may find your customers want their own copies!

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