Pre-Order Plus: What's It About?

The Green Ronin Pre-Order Plus Program was designed in answer to concerns from retailers that, by offering a discount on the PDF when consumers bought the print version through our own web store, we were competing with those same retailers whose support and partnership we appreciate. We wanted to make the same pre-order offer available through stores that we have on our web site: pre-order the book and get a download of that book to use right away for $5.

Here's how the program works: We send out an email to all participating stores notifying them that a new book will be available in one to two months. Stores have the option to sign up or not for any given book. Once a store's representative replies indicating interest, we send the store a batch of ten codes. When a customer pre-orders that particular book from your store, you hand them a code that will let them go to the Green Ronin web site and download a PDF of the book from us for $5.

The codes do expire; typically, they are good until a week or two after the book is due to hit store shelves. If you sell so many pre-orders that you need more codes, all you have to do is send an email to requesting more codes and we'll send you 10 more. It's important to note that this program is designed to encourage pre-orders; once the book is available in stores, we take the deal down from our web site and the PDF goes back to regular price. Likewise, once the codes expire we won't give out any new ones for that book.

How you handle the pre-orders is up to you. You folks are the experts on your communities and on retailing. If you trust your customers to buy the book when it comes in, you can give them a code after they commit to a pre-order. If you want to require full payment or a deposit up front, that's fine with us. FYI, on our online store, full payment is required when placing the pre-order.

While we do reserve the right to make a rare and occasional exception, so far everything we've produced since we launched this program last summer has been included in this program, including Dragon Age Set 2, coming in July and currently available in the program.

This program promises to be rewarding for everyone, and we're pleased to see so much buzz surrounding the idea. If you're interested in getting your store started in this program or if you have any questions, please drop a line to and we'll get you set up.

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