Green Ronin Publishing designed and developed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition.

Green Ronin designed and developed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Edition
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
A Grim World of Perilous Adventure

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay FAQ

Got rules questions?

You're almost at the right place! But although we designed the WFRP rules, all such questions should be directed at the publishers, Black Industries. They have a handy Rules FAQ, and if you can't find your answers there, post your questions on the Black Industries Forum.

Q: Congratulations on licensing the rights to publish Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

A: Thanks, but such is not the case. Green Ronin Publishing is the roleplaying design house for the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, aka WFRP. Our friends at Black Industries are the publishers of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Black Industries is the roleplaying game imprint of BL Publishing, which in turn is the publishing wing of the world-famous Games Workshop group of companies. As the publisher of WFRP, Black Industries handles project management, printing, marketing, sales, and all kinds of business stuff we can't even think of right now. Games Workshop and/or their subsidiaries own all rights to their own intellectual properties, including but definitely not limited to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Q: Oh--I thought Green Ronin was its own company. So Games Workshop bought you guys?

A: Er, no. Green Ronin Publishing, LLC, is a privately-owned, independent, and not-owned-by-any-other-company, game publishing company, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. In fact, all of our owners are also employees!

Q: What's a roleplaying design house, then?

A: We were just getting to that. As the RPG design house for Black Industries' roleplaying games, Green Ronin Publishing is responsible for game design, writing, development, art direction, editing, graphic design, and layout. Depending on the task, this work is performed either by Green Ronin staff or by professional freelancers. For each product all of this culminates in us sending finished electronic files off to England for Black Industries to turn into books to sell to you.

Q: Hey... Wait a minute! I've heard of you guys--you're that d20 System publisher! So I guess you've turned Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay into a d20 System game?

A: Not at all. WFRP 2nd edition has a new ruleset based on the original Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rules. No 20-sided dice (or 12-, 8-, 6-, or 4-sided dice) are required for play. All dice rolls within WFRP use either one or two standard ten-sided dice. And for the record, we're much more than a d20 publisher. From our very first product (Ork! The Roleplaying Game) to Spaceship Zero, and from our board games and card games to our Open Gaming License RPGs (Mutants & Masterminds and Blue Rose) we are always working to expand the horizon of gaming, even as we push the d20 System to new heights.

Q: I... (a) want to submit my proposal for a WFRP book; (b) want to be a playtester; and/or (c) want to submit my art portfolio to your art director.

A: We are not currently accepting (a) product proposals, or (b) playtester applications, for WFRP or any of our own game lines. (c) We are always willing to evaluate portfolios from quality artists. Online portfolios are the most convenient. Send your URL or questions to our Art Department.

Q: Where do I send inquiries regarding translation rights/supply chain issues/defects in printed products/other business or customer service issues?

A: All such inquiries should be directed to Black Industries, via the contact information available on If you bought a WFRP product in the Green Ronin Online Store and have a customer service question regarding your order, you can contact our Customer Service Department.

Q: Why don't you have PDF previews and art galleries and stuff like that to show us how cool Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is?

A: We only provide product support for products that we publish. Since we're the RPG design house and Black Industries is the publisher, you can find all kinds of great previews and support for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay on their site,

Q: Can I tell you about my character? He's really cool.

A: Actually, we're a little busy at the moment. You should check out the official WFRP forums on

Q: How do you pronounce "WFRP"?

A: The official pronunciation, as can be heard at the Black Industries offices at Games Workshop global headquarters in Nottingham, England, is "WOOF-rup."

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