Green Ronin PDF Goodness Goes On…

We just can’t stop ourselves from sending more cool PDFs your way. Today we present a newly-available PDF product for your purchasing pleasure, and two free Web Enhancements for your downloading delight.

Hamunaptra: The Book of Days

Hamunaptra: The Book of Days

We are pleased to announce that the Player’s Book from the Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra boxed set is now available on RPGNow as a PDF.

Hamunaptra: The Book of Days

Advanced Bestiary Web Enhancement #1

Advanced Bestiary

The first of four templates that were cut from Advanced Bestiary due to space constraints, the Avian Creature template lets you give the gift of flight to any air-breathing, flight-challenged creature. Come back tomorrow for another Advanced Bestiary Web Enhancement!

Avian Creature Template

Book of Fiends Web Enhancement #2

Book of Fiends

This PDF updates Jim Bishop’s classic Hell’s Foes download to the 3.5 rules, and adds cool new stuff to boot!

Foes of the Fiends

The Black Company Campaign Setting Web Enhancement: Thieves of the Silver Spike

The Black Company Campaign SettingSome of the most popular characters in the Black Company series aren’t even in the Black Company. The thieves of the silver spike—Old Man Fish, Smeds Stahl, Timmy Locan, and Tully Stahl—are all included in today’s Web Enhancement for The Black Company Campaign Setting.
The Black Company Campaign Setting Web Enhancement: Thieves of the Silver Spike
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Advanced Player’s Manual PDF Preview

Advanced Player's ManualTo celebrate its electronic release on RPGNow, here’s a PDF preview of Advanced Player’s Manual. In it you’ll find the entire listing for the Spellmaster.
Advanced Player’s Manual PDF Preview

Green Ronin Download Deluge: Three New PDF Products

We are quite pleased to announce the availability of three new Green Ronin PDF products on RPGNow!

Terror in Freeport RevisedTerror in Freeport Revised

Terror in Freeport was the second part of the epic Freeport Trilogy and the beginning of a product line that currently includes 9 titles. Terror in Freeport Revised makes this classic adventure available again in PDF format, with updated stats for the 3.5 rules. Also included are sample characters, handouts, and a fully revised version of the Cultist NPC class! Plunder and peril await in Freeport, the city of adventure. For characters level 2-5.

Advanced BestiaryAdvanced Bestiary

Awaiting you between the covers of the Advanced Bestiary are over 100 new templates that put the power back into your hands! With concepts ranging from the apocalyptic four horsemen to the bizarre id ooze and stone idol, this book offers unprecedented flexibility for campaigns of any style. These templates can be combined with monsters from any other source to create an endless variety of new creatures, making every monster book you already own even more valuable. In addition, to enhance this book’s usefulness, each template includes a sample creature, showing ways to overlay templates on a variety of creatures, while giving monster stats ready to play right out of the book. Used by itself, or in conjunction with Green Ronin’s Advanced Player’s Manual and the Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide, your games will never be the same.

Advanced BestiaryAdvanced Player’s Manual

The perfect complement for your PH, the Advanced Player’s Manual gives your characters all new capabilities. Like other books in Green Ronin’s Advanced series, this book is all about options, expansions, and moving your games in new directions. With new race flexibility, variant magic classes, mass combat rules, and more, you have the tools to create a host of unique and interesting characters, or to improve existing ones. Whether player or GM, this book breathes fresh air into character building, putting the power into your hands. Better still, each chapter is modular in design, making it easy to choose options are appropriate for your games. Used by itself or in conjunction with Green Ronin’s Advanced Bestiary and the Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide, your games can only improve with this invaluable resource.

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Freeport Adventure Hook Generator

Just to keep the Freeport goodness a flowin’, today we present an Adventure Hook Generator for Freeport! (Hooks may be suitable for use in other fantasy cities–we really wouldn’t know.)
Freeport Adventure Hook Generator

Free Freeport Adventure: The Consequence of Vice

Thanks again to our friends at Goodman Games, today we present a free Freeport Adventure in PDF format. The Consequence of Vice, by William Simoni, originally appeared in the ENWorld Player’s Journal. You’ll find it on our Focus on Freeport page.
Free Freeport Adventure: The Consequence of Vice

Call for d20 System Adventures

Green Ronin is (still) looking for d20 fantasy adventures. If you are a designer and you think you can meet Green Ronin’s standards of excellence, we want to hear from you. Our submissions page has full details.
More About Our Call For d20 System Adventures

Black Sails Over Freeport Web Enhancement: Sons of the Sea

Black Sails Over FreeportThis Web Enhancement for Black Sails Over Freeport originally appeared in the ENWorld Player’s Journal and is presented courtesy of our friends at Goodman Games. In it you can read about Harrimast and Yarash, the pirate gods of Freeport.
Black Sails Over Freeport Web Enhancement: Sons of the Sea

Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra Adventure Hook Generator

Egyptian Adventures: HamunaptraWe present for your Egyptian adventuring entertainment a Hamunaptra Adventure Hook Generator. Just click to our our new Adventure Hooks page, and you’ll find a random entry to inspire your gaming in the lands of the pharaohs.
Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra Adventure Hook Generator

A New Year’s Message From Our President

Next month it’ll be 5 years since I started Green Ronin Publishing. At the
time it was a strictly nights-and-weekends gig for me and there was
no formal staff. Today we have over 70 titles in print, a staff of
seven full time employees, and a great lineup of products for the
coming year. So first let me say thanks to everyone that has
supported Green Ronin over the years. Thanks to the fans, the
retailers, the distributors, the conventions, the Web sites, and the
magazines. Thanks to The Game Mechanics, Dog House Rules, Human Head
Studios, Osseum Entertainment, and all the talented freelance
writers, artists, cartographers, and editors who work with us. We
wouldn’t be here without you.

I’m going talk about what we’ve
got coming up this year, but before I do that I want to tell you
about something we’re trying. To date Green Ronin hasn’t done much
with electronic products but that’s going to change this month. We’re
going to be releasing some of our books in PDF form before doing a
print version. This has worked well for some companies and we think
there are enough fans of electronic publishing out there to make it
worthwhile. Our first release is going to be the Advanced
Player’s Manual
and we’ll be releasing a PDF of the Advanced
Bestiary at the same time. The APM will go to print shortly
thereafter, so it’ll be available whatever way you want it. If this
goes well, we’ll try it with other lines as well. We’ll also be
releasing PDF of select older titles, as well as finishing our 3.5
update and revision of the Freeport Trilogy. Our PDF
products will continue to be available through

As far as new products go, let me start with Blue Rose.
Our romantic fantasy RPG is finished at last and heading to print
shortly. We’ve been running a series of previews over on, so check that out if you haven’t. There’s
already a fast play PDF available, which gives you an overview of the
game and setting, as well as an introductory adventure with
pre-generated characters. Whether you’re a fan of romantic
fantasy fiction or just someone looking for a stripped down and
streamlined version of the OGL rules, we think you’ll find Blue
worth the wait.

This year will see the releases
of the long anticipated Advanced
Player’s Manual
and Advanced
Gamemaster’s Guide
These books form the core of a new line designed to push the
boundaries of d20 into new territory. The Advanced series will
continue with more new material, and by folding in the Races of
Renown and the Master Class lines. In essence the Advanced series is
becoming our core d20 fantasy line. Once the first three books are
finished, we’ll be continuing on with the Advanced
Race Codex,

a massive sourcebook compiling and revising some of the best material
from Races of Renown while also offering a bunch of new material for
halflings, gnomes, humans, and yes, even half-elves. But that’s not
all. Later this year, we’ll follow up with a book doing the same for
the Master Class series. And along the way we have a few surprises
that are guaranteed to make your familiars sweat.

Vistas remains its own line and will continue to be where we do
campaign setting material (including Freeport). The biggest Mythic
Vistas releases are undoubtedly the Thieves’ World
books scheduled for next summer. We’ve got four books planned to
start and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing Sanctuary to the d20
System. We’ve also got a terrific d20 Modern setting coming up, by
Terror in Freeport author Robert J. Toth. You’ll be
hearing more about that soon but I will tease you with the title:
Damnation Decade.

Of course, what would 2005 be
without Mutants & Masterminds? The core rulebook is
once again sold out, so we’ll be sending it off for a third printing
this month. Freedom City is also sold out, but we won’t
be reprinting that for a bit. It’s not as pressing as the core book,
which really must take priority. The next new sourcebook for M&M
is Gimmick’s Guide to Gadgets, followed by Lockdown.
The latter product is a fully detailed prison for supervillains,
which is sure to add some fun to any campaign. The identity of the
next M&M book is still secret, but we’ll be tearing
the mask off that one in a few months.

The biggest news
for me is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition.
We’ve been working with Black Industries for a year now to make this
a reality and the core rulebook is finally finished. I spent nearly
all of 2004 designing the rules and putting together a line of
support products. Black Industries will be releasing Warhammer
on March 18, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Watch the
Black Industries website ( for more info and
previews. A grim world of perilous adventure awaits!

That’s a
broad overview of where we’re going over the next year. We also have
a couple of surprises lined up and now that WFRP is
done, we’ve gotten Dragon Fist rolling as well. Yes,
it’s true, there should be some high flyin’ wuxia action in all
of your futures! Thanks again for your support. Stick with us in
2005. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Chris Pramas
Green Ronin Publishing
January 4, 2005