ENnie Award Winners Announced

Last night the main event at GenCon Indy was the ENnie Awards Ceremony, held at the beautiful Indiana Roof Ballroom. We were quite pleased to accept several Silver and Gold ENnies:
Best Art, Cover: Blue Rose
Best Rules: Blue Rose
Best Adversary/Monster Product: Advanced Bestiary
Best Campaign Setting/Setting Supplement: Black Company
Best d20 Game: Blue Rose
Best Publisher (Fans’ Choice): Green Ronin
Best Production Values: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay*
Best Adversary/Monster Product: Old World Bestiary*
Best Game: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay*
Best Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
* These products were designed & developed by us and published by Black Industries.
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, and big thanks to EN World and everyone who voted!
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Green Ronin HQ Closed for Gen Con

The Green Ronin offices will be closed the week of August 15th through the 21st while our staff attends the GenCon Game Fair in Indianapolis. If you’re going to be there, come visit us at Booth #639, right next to Wizards of the Coast.
While you’re there you can chat with Lynn Abbey and developer Robert J. Schwalb about Thieves’ World Player’s Manual and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, while purchasing your brand-new copies of those same Thieves’ World books.
You’ll likely run into Steve Kenson on his way to a seminar or to run a game of Mutants & Masterminds, and we’ll have a limited batch of the second edition of M&M for you to purchase and get Steve to sign.
If you prefer, you can celebrate with Chris Pramas the release of the Freeport Trilogy: 5th-Year Anniversary Edition or talk about his work on the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay line for Black Industries.
Pick up your show-exclusive special print edition of our True20 Adventure Roleplaying rules, and catch our publishing partners The Game Mechanics and Human Head Studios, who will also be at the booth and running events and seminars.
As for seminars, we have some of our own: "What’s Up With Green Ronin?" Friday at 1:00 PM and "Welcome to Thieves’ World" Saturday at 6:00 PM. GR Developers Rob Schwalb and Steve Kenson will also be hosting the "Advanced d20" seminar Thursday at 1:00 PM.
Important Note: With our staff away, mail orders made in this period will not be filled until we get back. The earliest such orders can be filled is Friday, August 26.

Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn to Debut at GenCon

We announced earlier this week that Lynn Abbey was going to be at GenCon, and the news just keeps getting better for Thieves’ World fans. We’ve confirmed with the printer that we will have a limited number of advance copies of Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, a Thieves’ World adventure by Owen K.C. Stephens, on sale at the convention. This is the perfect way to kick off your new Thieves’ World campaign, so grab one up before they are all gone!

Freeport’s 5-Year Anniversary at GenCon!

It seems like only yesterday that Death in Freeport introduced the City of Adventure to the crowds at GenCon 2000, back before D&D fans had any idea what "d20 System" referred to. It is only appropriate then that the Freeport Trilogy: 5-Year Anniversary Edition debut at GenCon next week. This book brings back the original Freeport adventures—Death, Terror, and Madness in Freeport—and updates them to the 3.5 rules and expands them with additional material and new artwork. All of these adventures have been out of print for years, so this a great opportunity to see where the d20 explosion began. Come celebrate 5 years of Freeport with Green Ronin at GenCon!

True20–GenCon Print Edition

Available only at the GenCon Game Fair is a limited softcover edition of Green Ronin’s True20 Adventure Roleplaying, currently available only as a PDF from RPGNow. This is an updated version of the PDF release and includes rules for adding Backgrounds to your True20 heroes. Buyers of the original True20 PDF on RPGNow will receive an updated PDF including all this material for free! This printing is a limited convention-only product; the final print edition of True20, which will include the winners of the True20 Setting Search, will be released in early 2006. Quantities are limited, so get your copy early.

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition–Exclusive GenCon Preview!

Green Ronin Publishing is happy to announce we’ve managed to secure 300 advance copies of the brand new second edition of Mutants & Masterminds and will have them available for sale at the GenCon Game Fair. These books are being air freighted in from the printer just for GenCon and, when they’re gone, they’re gone! Come see why Mutants & Masterminds remains the World’s Greatest Superhero Roleplaying Game!

Lynn Abbey at GenCon!

Thieves’ World co-creator Lynn Abbey is coming to the GenCon Game Fair to support the release of Green Ronin’s new RPG line. Lynn will be appearing daily at Green Ronin’s booth to talk to fans, sign copies of the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual, and celebrate the return of Sanctuary to gaming. Lynn will also be taking part in the Thieves’ World seminar on Saturday night. Drop by our booth at the con for times and locations and help us give Lynn a most memorable GenCon!

Last Chance to Vote in the ENnies!

Voting in the ENnies ends on August 8th (that’s Monday!) so if you haven’t yet voted, click on the above ENnies banner. If you like our stuff, remember to Vote Green Ronin!
Vote in the ENnies!

M&M 2e Off To Print

Mutants & Masterminds Second EditionWe are quite pleased to report that Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition is off to the printers! But don’t worry about Steve Kenson–we’ve got plenty of things planned to keep him busy.
More About Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition

True20 Setting Search Idea Form Available

As promised when we announced the True20 Setting Search, we have now posted the Idea Submission Agreement for the contest. This form must be included with your submission for the setting search. Submissions must be received by Green Ronin on or before September 19, 2005.
Download the form and read the rules