Freedom City, Second Edition Available on

Freedom City, Second EditionWe have made Freedom City, Second Edition available in PDF format on Download price is $19.95 for this 256-page, full-color, core setting sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition. The print version of Freedom City, Second Edition is now at press.
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Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 2

Shadowspawn's Guide to SanctuaryThis PDF preview of Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary, excerpted from Chapter Three: Sanctuary Then and Now, details some areas of the city.
Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 2

M&M 2e Character Record Folio Available on RPGNow

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Character Record FolioYour mighty superhero deserves deluxe treatment and that’s where the Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Character Record Folio comes in. Say goodbye to cramming your notes and super powers onto a single character sheet. The folio is designed to handle your superhero for the entire campaign. Its 16 pages include great add-ons, like record sheets for your minions, vehicles, and headquarters, plus Crime Files that let you track important events and NPCs. The M&M2E Character Record Folio is good for any character, from a street-level vigilante to a being of cosmic power.
Best of all, you can use this PDF to generate as many Character Record Folios as you need for your Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition characters!
M&M 2e Character Record Folio

Ask Dr. Evil

Our favorite evil doctor and yours, Dr. Evil, has given us a new article in his Ask Dr. Evil series. In it he shows not only how to adapt the technologist class from SpirosBlaak for use with kobolds, but he also gives us a new prestige class, the trapcrafter, and an EL 11 kobold encounter using the trapcrafter, the technologist, and the scout from Advanced Player’s Manual. And a map, too!
To go along with this latest Ask Dr. Evil article, we’ve put SpirosBlaak and Advanced Player’s Manual on sale, at $23 and $30, respectively.
Ask Dr. Evil

Dragon Magazine to Announce Winners of True20 Setting Search

Green Ronin Publishing and Paizo Publishing have come together to promote one of the most exciting RPG events of the new millennium. The winners of Green Ronin’s True20 Setting Search will be revealed for the first time in the pages of Paizo’s Dragon Magazine. The latest issue of Dragon, #338, details the team up and the winners will be announced in issue #340, which goes in sale in early January.
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Robert J. Schwalb Interviewed on

RPG Radio has posted their second episode, "Sanctuary," featuring an extensive interview with our own Dr. Evil, Robert J. Schwalb. Download the .mp3 or subscribe to the podcast to find out all sorts of cool stuff about the development of the Thieves’ World Campaign Setting.
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Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 1

Shadowspawn's Guide to SanctuaryThis PDF preview of Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary, an excerpt straight out of Chapter Four: Faces of Sanctuary, Rankan Era, gives you the lowdown on classic characters Illyra, Ischade, and Jaime the Red.
Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary PDF Preview 1

Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary Available on RPGNow

Shadowspawn's Guide to SanctuaryWe are pleased to announce that Shadowspawn’s Guide to Santuary, the definitive guide to the Thieves’ World Setting, is available now in PDF format on This Thieves’ World Sourcebook has also gone off to press.
To celebrate, we have reduced the PDF prices of Thieves’ World Player’s Manual and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn to $17 and $9.50, respectively.
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M&M Archetypes Archive 1

M&M Archetypes Archive 1Our PDF publishing partners Ronin Arts have created a new Mutants & Masterminds supplement, available exclusively in PDF format on M&M Archetypes Archive 1 features 10 new PL 10 archetypes for use in any campaign, along with a new power, Probability Control, which will appear in the upcoming Masterminds Manual.
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True20 Campaign Planner Available on

True20 Campaign PlannerWe have just released the True20 Campaign Planner, a True20 Gamemaster’s aid produced by Ronin Arts, in PDF format on
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