Ask Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil submitted this new Ask Dr. Evil article back in December, but the Webmaster messed up and lost it on his hard drive. Until now! In the article Dr. Evil takes inspiration from Trojan War and The Black Company Campaign Setting to create d20 stats for six mythological creatures.
And to celebrate this article’s newfound freedom, we’ve placed Trojan War and The Black Company Campaign Setting on sale, at $23 and $40, respectively.
Ask Dr. Evil

True20 On the Way!

True20 Adventure RoleplayingTrue20 Adventure Roleplaying, our new 224-page core rulebook by Mutants & Masterminds designer Steve Kenson, is now at print. This beautifully illustrated hardback is the culmination of three years of design and development. While first designed for the fantasy setting of the Blue Rose RPG, True20 has been expanded to handle nearly any genre. The four winners of our Setting Search (Borrowed Time, Caliphate Nights, Lux Aeternum, and Mecha vs. Kaiju) wonderfully express this flexibility and provide new GMs with a variety of ways to enjoy the True20 experience.
With the game finished at last, I thought this would be a good time to reveal some of our plans for True20 Adventure Roleplaying. The first question, I’m sure, is “when can I get it?!” The game went to print a little later than we had planned due to some unexpected production difficulties, so True20 won’t be in stores until March. We have stopped selling the old PDF and the new core rulebook will become the standard entry point for True20. A week before the book arrives in stores, we’re going to be sending out a link for a free update to the new edition to everyone who bought the original PDF. We’re doing this for two reasons. First, we want to give a “thank you” to all the early adopters of True20. Second, we hope this sneak peak will encourage you to go down to your Friendly Local Game Store and pick up a print copy of the game. We’re confident that you’re really going to like what you see in the finished rulebook and we hope you let the owner of your local store know that True20 is the next big thing in roleplaying.
Over the next few weeks we’re going to offer several previews of True20 Adventure Roleplaying, so those of you who haven’t checked it out can see what all the fuss is about. We’re also going to be launching a dedicated True20 website, which include forums for all things True20 (including Blue Rose). We’ll be showing off True20 for the first time at the GAMA Trade Show in March in Las Vegas, where hundreds of the country’s best retailers will have a chance to check out the finished book. GTS provides an ideal launching point for one of our most important releases of the year.
Moving ahead we’ve got several True20 support products in the works. Releasing concurrently with True20 is the World of Aldea. This is the campaign setting book for the Blue Rose RPG, but it works equally well with the True20 core rulebook. Another option in March is Damnation Decade, Robert J. Toth’s dystopic campaign setting inspired by the sci-fi cinema of the 1970s. Although originally designed for the d20 Modern RPG, this book includes a thorough True20 Appendix that will have you playing Omegaball and dancing in BootyDome 57 in no time.
Next up is the True20 Bestiary by Matthew E. Kaiser. This 192-page softback provides a host of monstrous adversaries for your True20 campaign. From fantasy staples to horror movie nasties to predatory aliens, this book has something for every True20 game. This is currently scheduled for a late April/early May release.
June brings us Robert J. Schwalb’s True Sorcery. This 128-page softback presents a revised and expanded magic system based on the award-winning Black Company Campaign Setting rules. Rob has really outdone himself with this alternate magic system that gives you complete flexibility and customizability. Appropriately enough, True Sorcery includes all the info you need to incorporate the system with a slew of different games and settings. It works for not only True20, but also Thieves’ World, Black Company, d20 fantasy and d20 Modern. We’ve also gotten permission from Malhavoc Press to include conversion info for their Iron Heroes game. True Sorcery indeed!
In July we present True20 Worlds of Adventure. This book includes four runners-up from our Setting Search and one new original setting from Robert J. Schwalb (The Razor in the Apple). Between True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Damnation Decade, and World of Aldea you’ll have 11 settings to choose from within six months of True20’s release. And if you still can’t find just the right one, True20 Adventure Roleplaying gives you all the tools to make your own.
So that’s where we’re going over the next half a year. Please join us for the RPG experience of 2006. True fun, true excitement, true adventure, True20!
Chris Pramas
Green Ronin Publishing

Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #1

Damnation DecadeDamnation Decade developer Rob Toth has provided us with the first in a series of articles exploring the creation of our upcoming Mythic Vistas release for d20 Modern and the True20 system.
Damnation Decade Developer’s Journal #1

Lockdown Available in Print

LockdownWe have added the print version of our Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook Lockdown to our Green Ronin Online Store. 120 pages long, this full-color perfect-bound sourcebook is just the thing for adding excitement and intrigue to your M&M campaign. Lockdown is also available as a PDF, and both formats have been updated for the Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition rules.

World of Aldea and Advanced Race Codex: Humans PDFs

We have added two new PDF-format products to our Green Ronin Online Store: Advanced Race Codex: Humans and World of Aldea. Get yours today!

Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF Preview 2

Thieves' World GazetteerThis PDF preview from Chapter Seven: A Thieves’ World Bestiary of the Thieves’ World Gazetteer provides the writeup of the Winged Folk of Kaiman, including the racial traits necessary to create a Winged Folk character.
Thieves’ World Gazetteer PDF Preview 1

Shadowspawn’s Maps of Sanctuary

We have posted PDFs of the maps of Sanctuary found in Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary. These maps cover both the Rankan and Irrune Eras, and are available with and without keys.
Shadowspawn’s Maps of Sanctuary

Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-Ups

Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-UpsToday we’re happy to announce that Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-Ups, produced by Ronin Arts, is available in our Green Ronin Online Store. This is a pack of 60 full-color character stand-ups that can be printed out and used today in your Mutants & Masterminds game.
Mutants & Masterminds Character Stand-Ups