Damnation Decade Now Available

Damnation DecadeThe print version of Damnation Decade is now available for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store, as well as on store shelves everywhere. The same book is also available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store and on RPGNow.com.
Damnation Decade

PDF Update: Freedom City, Second Edition

Freedom City, Second EditionWe have uploaded a new, updated version of the Freedom City, Second Edition PDF.
If you bought Freedom City, Second Edition on RPGNow.com:
You should receive instructions soon on how to access the updated file.
If you bought Freedom City, Second Edition in our Green Ronin Online Store:
To access your updated PDF, please refer to the email message you originally received with the link and login information. Just click the link, log in, and the file you download will be the updated one. If you deleted that message (tsk, tsk!) please send an inquiry to pdfsupport [at] greenronin [dot] com with as much information as possible about your order (order number if you know it, your name, etc.) and make sure to write from the same email address you used in our Green Ronin Online Store when you purchased Freedom City, Second Edition.
Thanks for your support!
And in case you haven’t yet picked up the Freedom City, Second Edition PDF, new purchases will of course also deliver the updated file.

Gamemasters Wanted!

Green Ronin seeks volunteer GMs for events at Origins 2006
Green Ronin needs volunteer GMs for its events at the Origins Game Expo, going on June 29 to July 2 in Columbus, OH. We are running events for Mutants & Masterminds, Thieves’ World, and True20 Freeport. If you are a good GM who is well-versed in one or more of these games, we’d like to hear from you.
Each event is four hours long. They have the following starting times:
Freedom City Fracas (M&M) Fri 1:00 pm, Sat 1:00 pm
Fury in Freeport (True20) Fri 8:00 am, Sat 1:00 pm
Thieves’ World: One Night in Sanctuary (d20) Thu 1:00 pm, Sat 8:00 am
These events are taking place as part of the Origins Gathering. If you run enough games for the Origins Gathering, you can get a free badge and even a hotel room. Visit consupport.com and follow the instructions to create an account and register as a judge. Questions? Please email sean [at] basementsoftware [dot] com.
In addition to the benefits of the Origins Gathering, Green Ronin is offering cool swag to anyone who agrees to run at least two sessions for us. You can get a GR T-shirt and free product. We hope to see you there.

Bleeding Edge Adventures #1: Mansion of Shadows

Mansion of ShadowsMansion of Shadows, the first release in our Bleeding Edge Adventures series for the d20 System, is now available for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store.
Bleeding Edge Adventures #1: Mansion of Shadows

M&M Logo T-Shirts

We have received a shipment of Mutants & Masterminds logo T-shirts, in time for the convention season, and have made them available in our Green Ronin Online Store. These 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, short-sleeved T-shirts are available in colonial blue in adult sizes L, XL, XXL, and XXXL, and sport a white-on-black M&M logo across the front. Order yours today!
Mutants & Masterminds Logo T-Shirt

Thieves’ World Line Reviewed in Have Games Will Travel Podcast

Paul Tevis reviewed our entire Thieves’ World product line in his Have Games, Will Travel podcast (episode #31).
Have Games, Will Travel

Super-Vision: Golden Age Heroes

In Mutants & Masterminds news, today Steve Kenson continues his Designer’s Journal series on Golden Age, over on MutantsAndMasterminds.com. "Golden Age Heroes" presents options for tailoring your campaign’s power level to suit your needs in the Golden Age of comics.
Golden Age Design Journal: Golden Age Heroes

Cosmo the Moon Monkey Plushie

Back by popular demand, Cosmo the Moon Monkey, everyone’s favorite teleporting simian sidekick, once more graces the virtual shelves of our Green Ronin Online Store. What are you waiting for…?
Get yours today!

M&M 2e GM Screen Pre-Orders

Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition GM ScreenWe have opened up pre-ordering for the Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition GM Screen in our Green Ronin Online Store. As with all our pre-orders, these will ship to arrive as soon as possible to when the screen is scheduled to appear on store shelves.
Pre-Order the M&M 2e GM Screen

Green Ronin Online Store Restored

In case you’ve tried visiting our Green Ronin Online Store in the past few days and found it down for the count, well, the count is over, so feel free to return and carry on about your business.
Green Ronin Online Store