Licensing True20

Licensing True20We have posted details on how publishers may license True20 to create True20-compatible PDF and print products. Read all about it…
Licensing True20

Bleeding Edge Adventures #2: Beyond the Towers (PDF)

Beyond the TowersWe have posted the PDF version of Beyond the Towers, our second product in our Bleeding Edge Adventures series for the d20 System. Combining great roleplaying opportunities, investigation, and plenty of action, this scenario takes your d20 games to the Bleeding Edge of Adventure!
Mansion of Shadows, the first product in the Bleeding Edge series, is also now available in PDF and print.
Beyond the Towers in our Green Ronin Online Store

Golden Age Print Available Now

Golden AgeWe have posted the print version of Golden Age (128 pages, full-color, perfect-bound) to our Green Ronin Online Store. Golden Age is also available in PDF format, and the print version is now either on store shelves or on its way to a game or book store near you.
Golden Age in our Green Ronin Online Store

Freelancer Fundraiser Update + New Products

We have added several product bundles to our Freelancer Fundraiser Sale, which has been extended through Labor Day (September 4, 2006).
The bundles include:
Advanced Rulebook BundleAdvanced Gamemaster’s Guide, Advanced Player’s Manual, and Advanced Bestiary for only $30 ($105 value!).
Sanctuary BundleShadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn for only $40 ($59 value!).
Blue Rose BundleBlue Rose, Blue Rose Companion, and World of Aldea for only $50 ($78 value!).
Damnation Decade BundleDamnation Decade and d20 Modern GM’s Screen for only $28 ($43 value!).
Ancient Worlds BundleTestament, Trojan War, and Eternal Rome for only $30 ($89 value!).
GM’s Resource BundleCartographica, Dungeons of Doom, and four d20 System Character Record Folios for only $30 ($55 value).
Freeport BundleCrisis in Freeport (brand-new!), Freeport Trilogy 5-Year Anniversary Edition, and Creatures of Freeport for only $50 ($57 value).
True20 BundleTrue20, True20 Bestiary, and True20 Worlds of Adventure (brand-new!) for only $75 ($88 value!).
And since they’re available in the Freeport and True20 bundles, you may of course also now purchase Crisis in Freeport and True20 Worlds of Adventure in print seperately, as well.
Now is a great time to stock your game shelves while helping us help our loyal freelancers.
Shop the Freelancer Fundraiser

ENnie Awards Results

Last night we attended the ENnie Awards here in Indianapolis, and we were shocked and humbled to receive so many awards, and against such excellent competition. Our sincere thanks go out to the ENnies judges and organizers, our esteemed peers in this crazy little industry, and of course to our fans.
The awards we won are:
Best Art (Cover): Silver for Mastermind’s Manual.
Best Art (Interior): Silver for Mastermind’s Manual.
Best Rules: Silver for Mutants & Masterminds, 2E.
Best Campaign Setting/Setting Supplement: Silver for Freedom City, 2E.
Best Game: Gold for Mutants & Masterminds, 2E.
Best d20/OGL Product: Gold for Mutants & Masterminds, 2E.
Best Product: Silver for Mutants & Masterminds, 2E.
And our most treasured award of the night,
Fans’ Choice Best Publisher: Gold for Green Ronin Publishing, for the third consecutive year.
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Ultimate Power and Crisis in Freeport PDFs

Live from Gen Con, we have posted the PDF versions of Ultimate Power and Crisis in Freeport for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store.
Ultimate Power provides just that–it’s the ultimate resource for powers in Mutants & Masterminds. The power is yours!
Crisis in Freeport is a 64-page adventure that resolves the succession crisis in Freeport: Will the new Sea Lord return Freeport to its golden age or herald in a new era of terror?

Green Ronin at GenCon

Green Ronin is heading off to GenCon this week, where you can find us at Booth #739. For the first time in many years the entire GR staff will be attending and we have a lot going on. If you come to GenCon, you can:

Buy Cool New Stuff!
We have four, count ’em four, new products to debut: Golden Age and Ultimate Power for Mutants & Masterminds, Crisis in Freeport for the d20 System, and True20 Worlds of Adventure. We also have new True20 “Be True” t-shirts and Freedom City poster maps going on sale for the first time. Quantities on all these products will be limited and once they are gone they are gone, so make sure you stop by early.

Play GR Games!
We are sponsoring a bunch of events that you won’t want to miss. Steve Kenson is running Mutants & Masterminds, Rob Schwalb is running True20 Freeport, Gary Astleford is running Thieves’ World, and Robert J. Toth is running Damnation Decade. This is your chance to play with GR’s designers, so make the most of it!

Celebrate Freeport’s 6th Anniversary!
This GenCon marks six years since the City of Adventure made its raucous debut with Death in Freeport. To celebrate we are releasing Crisis in Freeport, the adventure that wraps up the plot line started way back in 2000. This 64-page module by Chris Pramas, Rob Schwalb, and Rodney Thompson resolves the succession crisis and sees a new Sea Lord take power in the City of Adventure. Find out who it is in Crisis in Freeport!

Attend GR Seminars!
We are also hosting several seminars. President Chris Pramas leads the staff in answering the eternal question, “What’s New with Green Ronin?” Developer Steve Kenson tells you what’s coming up for the World’s Greatest Superhero RPG and answers your questions at the Mutants & Masterminds seminar.

Attend the ENnies!
Green Ronin has been nominated for many ENnie Awards this year. The ceremony is Friday night at 8 pm in the Westin Hotel’s Grand Ballroom IV. Come cheer us on as we see if we can win the coveted Best Publisher Award for the third year in a row!

Buy Bargain Bundles!
We are offering bundle deals for GenCon bargain hunters. You can choose from the following:

  • Advanced Rulebook Bundle: You get the Advanced Bestiary, Advanced Game Master’s Guide, and Advanced Player’s Manual for only $30.
  • Sanctuary Bundle: You get Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary and Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn for only $40.
  • Blue Rose Bundle: You get the Blue Rose RPG, the World of Aldea, and the Blue Rose Companion for only $50.
  • Freeport Anniversary Bundle: You get the brand new Crisis in Freeport, the Freeport Trilogy 5-Year Anniversary Edition, and Creatures of Freeport for only $50.
  • Modern Damnation Bundle: You get Damnation Decade and the D20 Modern GM Screen for only $28.
  • True20 Bundle: You get True20 Adventure Roleplaying, the True20 Bestiary, and the brand new True20 Worlds of Adventure for $75.
  • Ancient World Campaign Bundle: You get Testament, Trojan War, and Eternal Rome for only $30.
  • GM’s Resource Bundle: You get Todd Gamble’s Cartographica, Dungeons of Doom, and 4 d20 System Character Record Folios for only $30.

What’s that you say? You can’t come to GenCon? Well don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. We’ll be putting up the Ultimate Power and Crisis in Freeport PDFs GenCon weekend and you’ll also be able to take advantage of our Bargain Bundles in the Green Ronin Online Store. As for our new releases, Golden Age, Crisis in Freeport, and True20 Worlds of Adventure should be in stores by the end of August. Ultimate Power is shipping from China, so the print version won’t be available from stores or our webstore until September.

It’s going to be a big weekend for Green Ronin. Come join the party!

Book of the Righteous, Holy Warrior’s Handbook, and More PDFs

Holy Warrior's HandbookWe have added some PDF products to our Green Ronin Online Store, including Book of the Righteous, Book of Fiends, and Holy Warrior’s Handbook. Book of the Righteous is of course our award-winning divine sourcebook for the 3.0 version of the d20 System. Book of Fiends is our critically-acclaimed malefic bestiary of devils, demons, and daemons, all 3.5 rules-updated. Holy Warrior’s Handbook updates the popular holy warrior core class from Book of the Righteous to the 3.5 rules, and is a steal at $4.00. Even better, if you buy the PDF version of Book of the Righteous for $20, you’ll get the Holy Warrior’s Handbook PDF included in your download for free! Now that is righteous.
Book of Fiends (PDF)
Book of the Righteous (PDF)
Holy Warrior’s Handbook (PDF)

Freelancer Fundraiser: Pirate Sale

Black Sails Over Freeport: In Stock and On Sale!To keep our Freelancer Fundraiser going strong, we’ve added some more swashbuckling fun to the mix. The out-of-print Black Sails Over Freeport is available in softcover for $25.00 (normally $32.95, and did we mention it’s otherwise out of print?). The Freeport Trilogy 5-Year Anniversary Edition and Skull & Bones are both available in softcover for $20.00 (normally $27.95). We’ve got lots more Freeport madness and other great stuff in the sale, so please check it out and help us help our freelancers.
Freelancer Fundraiser