Origins Game Fair 2009

Although we won’t have our own booth at the Origins Game Fair this year, our products will be available at the Adventure Retail booth (#133). Among said products will be all our newest releases, including Warriors & Warlocks.
Origins Game Fair 2009 is in Columbus, Ohio, from June 24th through the 28th. You can learn more on their web site,

Warriors & Warlocks Design Preview #3

A new “preview” for Warriors & Warlocks, the new sword & sorcery sourcebook for Mutants & Masterminds, is up in the Super-Vision portion of the site. It includes a special PDF containing information of interest to Gamemasters.
The book hit store shelves last week and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here’s something to whet your appetite.
Check it out now!

Psychic’s Handbook: Available Again

Psychic's HandbookPsychic’s Handbook, our sourcebook of psychic power for 3rd Era games, is now available in PDF from our Green Ronin Online Store and the One Bookshelf sites, and is back in print via our Lulu store.

Warriors & Warlocks Design Journal #2

A new preview for Warriors & Warlocks is up in the Super-Vision portion of the site. It includes an overview of each chapter and a special PDF preview of information of interest to players.
Warriors & Warlocks is already available in PDF, but you can find the book in stores soon!
Check out the preview here!