Freedom City Atlas 5: Providence Asylum

Freedom City Atlas 5: Providence AsylumProvidence Asylum, the next PDF in our Freedom City Atlas series of low-cost adventure location PDFs for Mutants & Masterminds, is now available in our Green Ronin Online Store.
After their defeat at the hands of Freedom City’s heroes, costumed criminals are bound for one of two places. The first is Blackstone Penitentiary. The other is Providence Asylum, where those deemed mentally-ill by the justice system can receive treatment–and what is more of a sign of questionable sanity than putting on a strange costume to go out and commit crimes? (Save, perhaps, putting one on to go out and prevent them…)
Freedom City Atlas 5: Providence Asylum

SIFRP PDF Update and Sale

A Song of Ice and Fire RoleplayingIf you purchased A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying in PDF format through our Green Ronin Online Store, you should have received a message letting you know that the PDF has been updated with fixes for all known errata. To redownload your PDF just log in to our online store, scroll to the bottom of the resulting Account page, and click the link for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (PDF). If you purchased the SIFRP PDF through a different web site, you either will soon receive, or have already received, a notification with instructions for getting the update. If you have any troubles accessing the updated file, please use our Contact Form to let us know. Please be sure to select “PDF Customer Service” under Send To.
In celebration of our recent ENnie Award wins at Gen Con, we have placed A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying on sale in both print and PDF formats. The former will be only $25 instead of $35.95, and the latter $10 instead of $18, for the next week. Additionally, if you purchase the SIFRP rulebook in either print or PDF, during checkout you’ll be offered the Song of Ice and Fire Narrator’s Kit for just $15, rather than $19.95.
Stock up now–Winter is coming…