M&M Villainous Lairs: Amusement Park

Villainous Lairs: Amusement ParkWe have posted our first release in a new series of affordable Mutants & Masterminds PDFs: Villainous Lairs: Amusement Park.

The Villainous Lairs series looks at different types of lairs used by the colorful and creative foes of the forces of good. Each release provides a complete criminal hideout, with game information, a map, and adventure ideas.

Visit the Amusement Park

Now Shipping: Dragon Age RPG, Set 1!

Dragon Age RPGThe Dragon Age RPG is finished and in our warehouse! Pre-orders have begun shipping. Due to the volume of orders, they are being stagger shipped throughout the week. We are turning off the pre-order special on Friday, so if you want to take advantage of that deal (pre-order the boxed set, get the PDF for free), you have four days to do so. Dragon Age will be in stores the week of February 8. If you want to buy it at your local game store, let them know so they are sure to order enough. The Dragon Age has begun!

Mutants & Masterminds Super Sale!

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Dragon Age Two-Page Character Sheet PDF

Dragon Age RPGOur Production team has whipped up a two-page printable character sheet for the Dragon Age RPG, and it’s now available as a free PDF download. Keep track of your character’s abilities in style. Get yours today!

Dragon Age Two-Page Character Sheet PDF