Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition

Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition

Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition

The Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-ordering from our Green Ronin Online Store and from BioWare’s online store. This limited edition of the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook, available exclusively through the Green Ronin and BioWare online stores, features a slipcase with a red leatherette bound book, silver foil stamped, with silver-gilded edges and a ribbon bookmark. The Core Rulebook combines all of the rules from Dragon Age RPG Sets 1 through 3, and adds a brand-new adventure.

Numbers of the Ultimate Edition are limited, so pre-order yours today! Also once the Dragon Age Core Rulebook PDF is ready to go, we’ll provide customers who pre-ordered this premium product a free download!

Now Available: Player’s Guide to Freeport (PDF)


Player’s Guide to Freeport (PDF)

Are you a Freeport Gamemaster and want to be able to share spoiler-free setting information with your players? Or are you taking part in a Freeport-based Pathfinder campaign and want to learn more about the city without ruining anything your GM has in store for you? You need the Player’s Guide to Freeport! You can get this full-color, 132-page PDF for just $9.99!

Get your Player’s Guide to Freeport today!